Día 4: The FBI is on my ass

Imagine the worst scenario: someone deadly is after you. You don’t even expect it. They come to hunt you down. And they have the means to do it. Besides, it is not even that hard. It’s just a matter of exposure.


Then you are done. The power of the dark side that governs is behind it. You are locked in. Fakenews put you in the spot. Now it’s to sweat to ignore. You have no estate that wants you. You have been repelled. As others, too. Don’t feel so special. You are about to be history. Yet nobody know why. You are worthless. Cause nobody ever heard your side of the story.


There is no exit. You have confused the message and the medium. Now the audience can’t tell. No one is backing you up. You are still all alone. You don’t count. So shut up. Don’t talk. You see, it’s not your business.

Where is the radical movement nowadays? Why is it not being played altogether? Because the powerful inertia of staying put. Everything is the same if we intend it to be. Only the world keeps moving. And positions are being taken. And we no longer know where we are safe. Fear. Ignorance. Then you know what happens.


Why would I be the target?


What did I do?


Who did I upset?


How did it become so evident for public opinion?


I am the new bad guy. On top of the list: my name. I went up too fast. To far. To soon. It was not expected. The system didn’t have a programmed answers, so it collapsed.


I was part of the hysteria. I can only survive a day at a time. Now I have to hide. I belong no longer in this visible land. I have to claim back my private being. Go back to the mountain. And live the life outside the grid. You are just another one of those libertarian scum. And now you want out. You are not going anywhere.


Someone wants you put.


Someone wants you call.


Someone wants you shut.


Someone wants you rocking.


Someone wants you there.


Someone wants you now.


Someone wants you wise.


Someone wants you ready.


Someone wants you in command.


So here I am. This is it. I’ve got your attention again. Only this time, it’s bound to happen. Just because. This time is different. But one day, trust me, it’ll burst up. Multiverses ahead we’ll know. Then we’ll observe. And the whole theory will set in motion. Forever.


No need of blockchain. No need of robotics. If humankind is able to connect into one whole communion: then and there, we’ve all arrived at that precise instant of selfrecognition: ALLS.

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