IRL people

I just learned a few concepts I didn’t know

Sometimes you are out of touch. Then, others, things have moved beyond from where you once left them. And it has gone a long way.

I tend to keep myself informed, but also away from the shift of marketing-based movements. There is a free gliding worlds that moves to where they are told to. I’m not up for that. In fact I want to keep myself serene in the outlines of the system, so that I can mantaain a perpective.

But then marketing has a meta value: it’s part of the way in which you, your idea, your insitution, your vision, your strategy, your service, your product, your CTA, gets to the desired land: the target.

Information complete.

Effect: done.

Something works there. Something that is not necessarily just consumerism. Although, that’s what seems to be moving the world. But, you know better than that. That’s not it. Not really IT. And you keep searching for meaning and purpose.

IRL means in real life. Huh. I’ll start seeing that more often now.

And the other concept I ran with today, that I hadn’t heard off is DOOH, which for a moment I just thought it was a Homer thing…

But it turns out it means this other thing:

DOOH came as a surprise. As one of those things that suddenly pops up. You are expected to know. They it’s there with all the other stuff you «know». You know you should know. They sound like the same old story, only organized better. It know makes sense… but wait… dooh?

Marketing is a thing. I’ve been learning the marketing and marketeers way for quite some time. And I am not impressed nor have I set up my funnel. They say you are in someones funnels or they are in yours. And I still can get my hands on comming up with mine. There is somethig there. Something that is not letting me go through the rabbit hole. And I’m here stuck. On this other marketing funnel. I ressist to fall into the trap. And I don’t want to be a hunter with my own trap. So I freeze.

That has got to change.

I’m setting up my funnel.

Before the year ends.

It’s 29/12/2022.

Talk about rushing the last minutes of a year.

I’m a sprinter.

Here I come.


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