Me and google

We share a history.

I was there when it all started.

I saw them flourish.

That brand new thing.

The Internet.

What a place to be.

Everything came together.

Finally the military came up with some useful shit.

All those years of worring about telecommunications among consulates.



The world.

It felt like the far west.

Oh, man, let me tell you.

I was there.

That’s the kind of story that you need to tell if you want to explain to people which one is your place in this new game we are playing. I’ve always been the renegade, but I also aknowledge the tools that allowed me to undestand the game. The game of hiperconectivity. Hipertext. The context of how you map yourself accross the board in a significantly diferent way. And what it is we must heal before the beast takes a bit at our own struggle.

Some people fear Google.

Some other people fear the US military compound.

The deep estate is whether we believe is that or the parnoid theories that Qanon stands for. Democrats pedofile world wide underground web. Some hick has come up with all the answers. And he’s spreading them like a unabomber. Only the interconnectivity of the far right movement can move across the net without being noticed. Their own social networks. Their own little hate groups. It’s them or us, they say. They are scared as shit, so they are getting their guns ready. Finally, the day to come to arms has come. People feel it. And the US military, just this one time, decides not to particpate on the coup.

Security holes.

Is this what happened when JFK went to Dallas?

Are you going to Dallas?


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