Oliu Amarigüant

Candidat nou

Per NEW barcino.

A NEW political party.

I’m gonna win the next (any) election.

The Tico Commons plan.

In nine lines: as a definition of something NEW.

Quelcom NEW.


Golman, president.


I dOn’t have tashash!

That’s my line.

I’m a NEW actor.

Just that.

No more.




Alterïtÿ. .. … . . . . . . .

I see some disturbance in 9phase3 sector of the journey.

I’m journey labbelist.

NEW professions.

Nine of the holistic.

This task is resilient needed.

Would you help cover that role.

If you dare you care.



Estic nerviosa.

M’hi crec el meu cap quant estic davant un pas d’una dimensió que no ens podiem imaginar pas que hi arrivaria.

Hi som.

Ho petarè demà.

Estica ben segura de jo mateix.

Pero tinc por.

I em menjo el tarro.

Però en Golman em diu que estic fent lo mateix que sempre faig: castigarme més del compte perque em crec el pitjor dels escenaris posibles, que de cop m’obsesiona tant que hi és aquí, invitablement present, molest, fa por, hi creus. No estàs sol. Ningú t’ho ha dit. Creus que sí. I et buides. Cap a un mateix. I et perds al cap. El perds. S’en va. L’olla. L’Öscär. Golman.

Golman L’Öscär was born in NEWCAR; yesterday.

The day after Golman was born, the drifter changer day blew away the most stable trial we had been able to programe in the 98 journey to a multiversality output towards the end of the rainbow. That’s a belonging state. A belonging state of mind. And plan driven delivery.

The power of the will of 99.

The list starts to count.

The NEW school of value.

A NEW multiversity degree postprogramme.

The desire to transform.

The co-creation stunt.

The humanity of THE knowledge.

A NEW frontier.



That’s beautiful.

It’s just a video I took 99 seconds ago.

This just happened.

As life is like this.

Unexpected, rather painful and a continuous struggle.

Yet we see art.

We read.

We love.

We nurture each other by understanding the humbling side of humans that still today brings us resonnance as a living spirt in the deapest level our mind can handle of each one of us, separately, but weirdly, all at once together in just one word: ALLS.

It’s out of respect that every conversation arrives to written end when ALLS pops up. It’s an impossibility theorem. What happens if that impossible thing all of the sudden emerge?

That’s the transformative part. A roleplay game theory being applied on ourselves, collectively in trickery act of force-reading-propaganda from a fucking NEW commie.

Hi, my name is Golman!

I’m THE NEW commie.

It’s more than a rank: a social cause.

A way to add value to the greatest struggle out there.

Which one is it?

Are we on to it?

Or is it creaping on us?

Is there a way out?

Or is it just these dunkey what I have to plow the NEW earth in this once in life-time flip: reversing day.

Music of transcendental meaning.

You decide.

You tell me why you are holly.

As you are.

We all are.

That’s the NEW convenant.

I’m God Father’s NEW son.

Still heteropatriarchy my dear old father Golman.

A tribute to my Father; GOD.

What if GOD was my Father?

Think of it.

The act is iniciation task una.

Las as y los os con Johan.

No hay ticatalán más importante en la lista.

  1. Johan
  2. Pep
  3. Pujol
  4. VV
  5. Laudrup
  6. Xavi
  7. Iniesta
  8. Márquez
  9. Golman

This is the list.

Yes, I’ve been favored with the risponsability of nou.

Sóc un nou pur.

Un no de manual.

Del manual tropical del futbol segons the duality among Ticommon’s Armando Gallo and Bob Marley.

Golman links those two Lords.









Wo wo wo




Wo wo wo



Dance along






La pugna entre O y 0.

Opera prima.

Batallitas de 0 y O.


That’s my brand.

The protected NEW word.

Go chase the protection of privately exploit the commercial use of a NEW idea.

Imagine a world where NEW ideas were welcome.

You’d only wait to see the alternative.

You wouldn’t get into the hazzle.

Why do you want to complicate it?

Because we are going to leap away.

This is an uplifting excercise.

It runs in your present time-space.

But it’s been drawn back.

I’ve only got this same thing I’ve lived.

Up till now and flow back to birth.

As time is what’s been.

And we relive tha past.

From now to then.

Like a skateboard U turn.

That’s the NEW direction.

The NEW intention.

The NEW iteration.

The NEW cause.

The NEW game.

The NEW thing.

The NEW multiverse.

This NEW one is mine too. The words of your mind speaking to yourself. You are holly, so you hold up to level of speaking right back at you, X an all. So we don’t get fooled. By our inner boicotteer. We take full responsibility by aknowledging the presence of that force. The faces of mirror.

We are at least 99 things.

Let’s fill them up.

99 gols.

99 gols.

99 units.

99 tales.

99 movies.

99 functionalities.

99 opportunities.

99 friends.

99 lovers.

99 love stories.

99 dark stories.

99 fantastic stories.

99 NEW stories.

99 NEW resilient (w)holistic system publicly displayed in few dimentions ahead for you to step into the game higher up here: enter.

And you click. And then enter a NEW dimention. That’s a transformational door. It’s an opportunity we will all get to live. In the way in which it is fed by the system to your withdrawn role you assume at midsts of the last revolution ever needed: reversing.

I’m all spinning fingers in street basketball trickery.

I only play team ball.

I’m here to enjoy.

And joy takes place at this velocity.

I want nine cameras on the space within this playing field.

Let’s take Perill.

Bring people into this basketball show.

Nine only invitation Monday Barketball NEW futbolart: Perill.

This is a risk.

We are willing to take them, to play the NEW game.

We play ball.

We are bigger than any team of 14 basketball players to play every last Monday of the month.

9 Monday pickup bball with Golman and the crazy crew.

Let’s blow up the potential of our species.

Those were the words that Father God spoke to me.

So I took that as a covenant.

A NEW one.

A revisitory one.







129 renglones.

Te pasas.




No hay nada más NEWmexicano que ese chasquido con los lavios y tantita saliva.

Puro músculo miamor.

El beso.