3 de 9 amb Golman

El nou Dëu ticatalà.

Aquí Déu no és ningú. I no pasa res. Per alguns. No tetes. Ni totes. Pero Déu ni Dö.

I’ve been nou before.

This is my best trait.

My raisson d’etre.

Si vous comprend mon sentiment.

Je croix que vous et moi, humilment, nous peux obrir une transformació de boisons que sónt trouvez dan la frontier d’un mirall que nous ne pas veure rien. Res de rien. Mais il n’ya pas de probleme. Nous sommes pura vida, parceque nous navez voygager peur un ciel blue que nous avons de conection aven un petit pais tropiqüel la petit cinture de NEW amerique. Je suis le neuveulle. Je vais arrivé plus tard. Pardon moi: je suis un cretin. Je vull presenté ma performative artist persona in kindest possible way to nurture your culture and your legacy. I’m a true NEW bacinoer. I’m anything else but this.

I rather fly.


AI transporter ready body suit gets prepared for your departure.

You are on.

To the highest estate.

Fasten your seat bealt.

Society is going to wrap up a show night.

I could say this poem in borough in NEWMAD were writers with big notebooks like Armando Gallo Pacheco presented their poems with alternative plans to the entire NEW multiverse ahead. Like flipping channels.

It’s that good.

It’s the golden goal.

The one we were expecting.

The green plan true state of nature.

The other nine states of nature upset.

They are not the one.

But the are the nine. The «NOU». NEW.


Three capital letter plans. Short names for campaigns. Things we’d turn into. Once trained to run though the rat race. Humans in rataraces paying 99 buck a month to keep their subscription comming into the personal payment system we all got to decide was what we really needed. This is what I’ve been working on for nine years. And they were the low point. But I was high. And that kept me hooked into this one idea. Read me back.


tres de nou amb Golman

Lio se fue pallá

La ausencia de un pilar

El primer aprendizaje del NEW procomún: déjalo ir.

Perder es dificil.

Lo más dificil.

No se aprende bien.

No es que no se enseñe bien.

Se obvïa.

Se trata con racismo, clascismo, chauvinismo, machismo, cinismo, heteropatriarquez, ranciedumbre, gilipollés, subnormalidad, violencia, ………



A ver.

Ahí te voy.









nou: aquest soc jo. Jo sóc aquí. Des d’aqui us dic GOL.


What is AMR?

And why should I (you) care

You know I’ve said it publicly: «I’m an evangelist».

Here’s the first thing you should know: AMR stands for Anti microbial resistance.

People (I mean regular people) don’t know much about it. And maybe, it’s far too technical to understand. But hey, it’s not just a term, it’s not just a trend, it’s actually a pretty important issue. Here’s what the World Health Organization says about it:

In fact, the WHO then tells us in five bullet points why should we care:

That’s just the introduction of WHO to let us know that we are facing some serious issue that I will try to recapitulate on why should I (you) care:

  1. Global health and development threat.
  2. Requires urgent multisectoral action.
  3. Need to attain Sustainable Development Goals.
  4. Top 10 global public health facing humanity.
  5. Misuse and overuse of antimicrobials.
  6. Drug-resistant pathogens.
  7. Lack of clean water and sanitation.
  8. Inadequate infection prevention and control.
  9. Spread of microbes, some of them resistant to antimicrobial treatment.
  10. Cost of AMR on economy.
  11. Death, dissability, prolongued illness.
  12. Longer hospital stays, more expensive medicines and financial challenges.
  13. Without effective antimicrobials modern medicine is at risk.
  14. Succes of treating infections, as in major surgery or cancer chemotherapy, challenged.

And why do I care? Because as you recall I am an evangelist. Not just any kind of evangelist. I am an innovation evangelist. Not just an innovation evangelist. I’m procurement of innovation evangelist. And I want to present you RaDAR PPI, a procurement of innovation that is pushing the boundaries to resolve an unmet need that affects us globally, as we are one world.

Rapid Detection and control system for Antimicrobial Resistance: RaDAR

Visit the web and follow the project as this demand-driven innovation procurement is destined to create a new market for our future sustainable health and social system.