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Dos tercios de las personas no tienen interés en la coronación. Los propios ingleses hace una semanas. Habrá celebraciones. Los apáticos estarán frente a la teli. Invitarán a gente a su casa. Fiestas callejeras. Permisos para cortar las calles.

Harry enters the scene. El príncipe Andrés.

El miembro más popular de la familia real: la princesa Ana.

Su tesón, discreción, sentido del deber.

¿Por qué a algunos republicanos no les molesta esta monarquía?

Por el sentido del deber que mostró la reina Isable.

La princesa Ana. Miembro más apreciado. 400 eventos públicos al año. Salen menos en los medios que los del príncipe Guillermo. Trabaja con ONGs y no llaman la atención.

Harry ha disminuido la popularidad de la monarquía. Hay una parte de la población británica que ha mostrado un lado de la familia que no gusta. Miembros polémicos. Los que desgastan a la institución. ¿Carlos III disminuirá la familia real?

Cuando llegó se planteó la idea de la familia delgada. La princesa Ana, ante la BBC, hacer una familia más pequeña no era una buena idea. Se habla de eso cuando había más personas vivas. Margarita, Isable, ya no están.

Todavía hay corte. Actos oficiales. Duques. Marqueses. Agenda.

Plaza del parlamento. Wiston Churchil saluda al rey. Tercera vez que suena el himno. God save the Queen. He’s used to that. But the King needs God’s attention.

His crowning.

Body, mind and spirit.

Renewed faith and joyfull hope.

Comitment to serve one another.

Orson Wells tenor son sings a song.

Christ has resucitated. Crowning always happens in this time.

God save King Golman.

I here present on to you, King Golman.

Are you willing to do the same.

God save King Golman.

Flute sounds.

I here present on to you king Golman, your undouting King. Are you willing to do the same.

God save king Golman.

I here present on to you. Your undoudted king. There fore all of you that have come today to bring your homage and service, are you willing to do the same?

God save King Golman.

El rey se ha girado cuatro veces. Los cuatro puntos cardinales dan la lealtad al rey. Se gira a los cuatro puntos cardinales.

Trono más antiguo. 26 kings.

Wooden trone.

This book: the most valuable thing this world has to offer. The royal law.

Settlement you will swear to commit.

The gospel.

People of all faiths and believes may live in freedom.

Entringed in law.

Are willing to take the oath.

I’m willing.

will you solemnly swear.

A solmenly promise yet to do.

Will you to the outmost of your power mantain the laws of God. Stlemment of the church of England. As by law established in England. Rights and privilegde.

All this I promise to do.

Kiss the bible.

Are you wlling to make.

I Golman, do solenmly and sincerly, that I am the faithful, to secure the protestant succeson to the throne, to the best of my powers, according to law.

Only protestants will rule.

Defend other creed.

Other faith could live freely.

Anglican innovation.

NEW king stuff.

Who’s son was sent not to be served, but to serve.

Freedom. Knowledge of my truth.

Of every faith and belief.


Through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Glory for the unconverted catholics.

The catholics as an opposition to the protestant power.

One God, now and forever.


Paul to Colossians.

He will be fill.

He might walk wordy.

Fruitful in every good work.

Strenghthen to all power.

Given thanks of fathers.

Delivered us from the power of darkness.

The kingdom of his dear son.


The image of the invisible born: the first born.

In heaven, in earth. visible or invisible.

All things were created by him and for him. And he is before all things. and by him all things exist.

This is the word of the Lord.

Word…Thanks and that.


The priest tiem.

Or will it be King?

Ancient knowledge in an old book.

The book has traveled long.

the lord be with you.

here the gospel to the lord Jesus crist acording to Luke.

Jesus came to Nazareth.

He went into the Sinagoge. He opened Isah book.

The spirit of the lord is upon me.

because he told me to heal to the poor.

Captives, blind, liberty, bruised. the acceptable.

gave the book to the rest.

Sat down.

He began to say.

This day is the scripture fulfilled of your ears.

this is the gospel of the lord.


Obispa de Londres.

Guiño a los juidios.

Black man in white suits singing Alleluya. In Gospel-like-american fashion.

White on black.

Like white on rice.

Sin praises on to our king.

For God is the King of all the Earth.

La obispa del Londres.

Black gospel to rephrase the colonial slave tradition of our kingdom. Now rearrenged in properity and lack of racism, even in Megan’s case.

Irish American President.



Sermon time.

We are here to crown a king. And we crown a king to serve. What is given today is for the gain of all. For Jesus Christ announce a kingdom where the blind see, the bruised and broken hearted and healed. The Kingdom sets the means of all government. He doesn’t hold on to status. The king of kigns, jesus Christ, the good authority. With power comes the duty to serve. Service is the law. Conservation of the natural world. We have seen those prioritieis in the life of duty lived by the king. We have the honor of being here with so many ONG, armed forces, emergency services. Next door are 400 or more, in St Margaret church, whose life speak in service. Around the world, so many more. Lives for the sake of others. The unity, the example, is what binds us together.

The wight of the task is only bearable by the spirit of God who gives us the strengh to give our lives to others. The king is giving freely what no other ruler could win by war, or politics, but through the holy spirit. God will give everything, even his life. Cross, crown, woulds pierced body. Each is for us to serve. We can choose God’s way today. We can say to the King of Kings. Give grace, that in thy service I may find perfect freedom. in that prayer there is hope that endures. Joy beyond dreams. By that prayer, for every king, every rules, for every person, we are open to the transforming love of God.


Caterbury Archbishop

Himno. Four languages of the UK.





A sikh in the chorus. Representation.

The profet of Gods.

Saviour and servant of all.

Black priest in blue garment

The divine descendant of Christ comes down to give the oil to the king. His man in the the UK. Not the rest of the world. Ask Pope Francis abobut this. Henri, to marry again. The holy Church of England exceptions.

Only the Lord knows what sort of thing they are oiling this guy.

Is is possible that he’s…

It wouldn’t…

What a twisted thought…

Now Jesus lives in HIM.

The NEW king.

The archbisshop of Canterbury.

Monte de los olivos.

Rey withoun the luxury.


Sacred thing.

Like Messi in the Wordld cup.

The stone under the thown. That’s sclotland.

Two different kingdoms.

The stone travelled from Edinburg to London.

Espuelas. Honor and chivarly. Those in need. And your bravery.

White priests in black gowns. Gregorian music chants.

The sword.

La presidenta de la cámara de los comunes. Blue.

Cántico en griego. In honor of his father. Who was greek. Like our queen.

Stop inequity with this sword. Restore the things that are decaying. Confirm what it’s in good order. You may reign forever in the life that it’s to come. Like your mummy. And all the other kings. With Jesus. And not all the catholic whatevers.

A bag with some coins, to remember good old Judas.

Red cape with two white stipes.

El orbe.

Poder terrenal. La encargada de entrarlo en la abadia no ha sido una aristócrata, un militar, un clérigo, ha sido un miembro de la sanidad, NHS, una enfermera. Es una institución. El poder terrenal se lo entraga una enfermera.

La estola. El heredero la pone.

Rope of rightiouness.

Garments of salvation.

The Barcelona disco days.

Recive this orb, set under the cross, the kingdoms of this god are become the kingdom of our lord, and that of Christ.

The ring.

Marriage. Recieve this kings. The sign of the covenant between God and King. King and King. God adn God.

Iglesia de estado.

El guante blanco.

El cetro.

Receive the royal sector.

And covenant of piece.

Jesus in his baptism

Autority with wisdom.

council with grace.

Justice and merci maybe seen in all the earth.

King of Kings. And Lord of Lords.

Santify thy service Golman.

For a sign of royal majesty.

Al lprincely virtuos.

One God.

King Eudard.

Cae la corona.

Le entra.

No le entra.

La acomoda.

God save the king.

military charge. Set fire.

Shine upon you. Be gracious of you.

Give you his peace.

The lord protect you in all your ways.

May God give you joy and happiness.

Credos invitados.

Crowning 2023.

The third throne. The real one.

Prince of Wales. William. Loyalty.

Invite those who want to do the same.

God save kings Golman.

I swear that will pledge eligiene to King Golman, and to heirs and succesors. So help me God.

Long live King Golman.

May the King live forever.

Crowning of the queen.

Queen Camila.

Secondary act.

Recieve this ring. Smaller ging.

Sólo se corona a las reinsa consortes.

No a los reyes consortes.

Corona de la Reina María.

2200 diamantes sobre plata.

The royal cetral.

Rod of equity and mercy.

Justice and mercy may be seen in all the Earth.

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