New América News

NAN is the new name of our nation.


It’s been a tough time to come out of the cocoon.

We are beautiful Monarca butterflies now.

Heading to collective approach.

We are feeling glow from the world.

As they see we’ve changed gears.

We’ve lauched a chorus.

A chant of joy.

A new beginning.

A holy choice.

A peace of mind.

A great decor.

A big wave left.

A riding the nose pose.

A surfa dude.

A perfect ride.

A balancing act.

A tender joy.

A high level connection.

A spice up joke.

A stolen smile.

A broken laugh.

A true good time.

A joy in glow.

A flow to go.

A wishing well.

A spell to spill.

A spit to trust.

A Trump new show.

A entretainment news.

A media fan base.

A republican buying Jordans.

A rich black Chappelle.

A bonding jew up to nothing.

A comedian fellow brown.

An etnicity contest backwards.

A true history fake.

A not included in the test class.

A funny story literature.

A written programme for commies.

A university class on russian insolents.

A punk culture counter narrative.

A fascist spoting game.

The white supremacist blind black.

Chappelle’s way up. And out. And back. The traveling of the wondering brother.

The suburbs of middle class reconstruction.

The art of telling jokes.

The punchlines jar.

The time to joke around.

The good times the smart funny people from the New América rising are having. .

Can they admite a little bit of heat?

How much heat is too much heat?

Do we critice of support this seeing this from abroad?

Is it like the fraud in votes in Bolivia?

Which time?

Is it like the fraud democracy of Venezuela?

Which time?

Is it like the broken election of Nicaragua?

Is it like the communist party in Cuba?

Remember the Russians?

Which Russians?

Where’s the wall?

Who’s the enemy?

Who’w targetting our system?

How did they find out of our bigotry?

How long have they know?

Is there a back door out?

I don’t want to be here any longer.

Take me with my king.

And find me there among the millions.

Us millioners.

The life of the higher class.

The ruling of the deamons from our classical bullshit stories.

Old stories new.

New old shit.

Revolving doors.

Outome: democracy.

You are the system.

You go an vote.

Or stay home.

And criticize.

You are a bit of a scum somethings.

Like taking risks.

Like not believing.

Like loosing faith.

Like having no hope.

Come one: cheer up.

You rock.

You up there with the angels.

Come on Lucifer, forgive me.

I’v judged you like I did with Mexicans

I’ve judged you like I did with Jews.

I’ve judged you like I did with macho dickheads.

I’ve judged you like a mother fucker.

I’ve judged you like cunt licker.

I’ve judged you like a true infamous slob.

I’ve judge you like a fake deal.

I’ve judge you like a pretending fool.

I’ve judge you like a literate scumbag.

I’ve judged you too many times.

And have had such a hard time,

to be placed under your feet.

to fell the way you do as you see things from here.

He has to tell us something.

Please do.

I’ve got to run.

This is the political update comming right away from our news corresponsal at the premises. This is the people that are passing right back here.

Two white Americans born in the 1940’s. They heard Sinatra sing. Florida is no longer the place, but Delaware. A little different in the west colonies. White latinamerican lovers of Trump portrait of our class. The touched by the finger of God, good warm hearted fearers of the wrath of God if we pro choice our way about the affair. But, let’s center in the graphic. What’s there to tell. That the race is almost done. The blue is approaching the finish line. And Trump hates to loose. The country diveded. Blue cities, red interior. Density of population. Distribution of the land. The workforce. New approaches. Turning the system around.

Blue and red America. Fly over states. How rude. Division. Labor. Crisis. Tension. The game is called democracy. And it must be defended. The military ought to know better. They’ll know. That’s the main focus on our defence strategy. Not to step in red lines. Over and over. With no excuse. Just the will. Because I can.

Hasta aquí el reporte. Volvemos al estudio.

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