A ver si la gente se piensa que es fácil

Igual y sí lo es

Y todos ganamos.

La idea es estar mejor.

Pero el escenario más negativo, uf.

Hay que ver hasta dónde hemos llegado.

No veas.

La de Dios.

Dios Padre, en particular.

Yo soy más del espíritu santo.

Yo soy más de Blue Demon.




La salvación de los némesis reconfigurados.

El problema, en realidad, está en que amamos odiar. A-ma-mos. Ma-ma-mos. Hay algo mexicano en la existencia. Y eso, está por encima de cualquier otro pensamiento místico en cualquier otra latitud de nuestra reconstituida NEW gaia. El ser y estar. Esta vez vamos a To be, don Hamlet. ¿Usté cree?

Yo le hablo a la cara Shakespeare y a Cervantes, ¿qué pedo?

Yo voy a tomar nueve tipos diferentes de psicotrópicos con los críticos literarios más cabrones de la lengua ticatalana. La grande y una.

Pero tiene truco. Tenía truco, dicen algunos, ya tarde. Hay caído. Cayeron. Hace tiempo. Piénsalo. O ya te habían visto la cara hace un chingo. O eres pendejo.

Yo me inclino por lo segundo.

Y lo primero, obvio.

Estamos en un juego desnivelado.

Nos hacen pensar que no podemos aspirar a lo puto más.

Y si lo puto más fuera un elemento justo en el polo opuesto a nuestra experiencia, ¿le daríamos chace a renunciar a la comidad de nuestro sistema más a nuestro favor?

Unleveled fields.

That’s where i’m from.

With the current technology in sneakers, clits, futbolart I mean.

Soy más flaco que el Panzón, y más gordo que El Flaco.

Obvio; de la Mora.

El elemento que acompaña al apellido.

Las familias de historias exitosas de generaciones pasadas.

Olvidemos el heteropatriarcado.

Y nuestra herencia colonial.

Usted puede; yo también.


Mi identidad es olmeca.

¿Tiene usted un problema con eso?

¿Ha entendido usted mi creencia más sagrada según como la reconfiguramos (o al menos así lo propone el manifiesto, que es lo esto es, como un himno infinito a la alegría prensente, que nunca más se fue: ALLS) a partir de un acuerdo NEW que entre todas, primero, y 99 días después, todes, para por último dar entrada a todos. No hay exclusiones. Ojo: esto para algunos va a ser una primera vez.

El privilegio familiar de nuestra herencia genética en forma de la digna historias de todas nuestras familias.

End the war.

Deweaponize the narrative.

Lay down the weapons.

This is God Father Speaking, I hate guns and violence, is that understood?

Do you dear question God Father?

And here you have two kinds in a dual simplified version of two opposite ways of looking at just about anything you can think. Anything I can think. Anything anybody could think. A NEW social game. A trick for tricks to do the trick.

Just literature.

Trying to sell books.

99 of them.

9 days before Sant Jordi.

Imagine how many will he sell in Sant Jordi: condensed expression of author-reader community growth. We are going to grow together out of this shit hole messed up status quo we have right here, right now. Oh how much it sucks. The series. N.

N could be many a thing, actually.

It could be my NEW brand. Just using the first letter. One letter meaning practice. In a holy way. A NEW santified testimony from another, the NEW son of God. Officially branded. Imagine if the bible has so far lead the publishing industry numbers, what other book would scale up from a coincidence, from a joke we all laugh about, ,not just in the darkness of a movie theather in the NEW capital of the Tico Commons. It’s traslational game. A NEW society uprise. There is no more waiting for a plan. This is the NEW plan.

Explaining the NEW plan for dummies.

A NEW code system.

A NEW language.

A NEW leveled field.

A NEW religion.

A NEW learning cycly theory and living lab experiment for you to ignite the reverse game we need to plan to back up from the abyss.

A NEW fear.

A NEW pact.

A NEW identity.

A NEW narrative.

A NEW reward system.

A NEW community.

A NEW creed.

A NEW sheppard of people from all time. That’s why we are heading back. And connect with Jesus in a fair enough feedbackloop parabole to address the need to include the multiversal elements that will make undestandable the NEW social resilient (W)holy system.


That’s a thing.

That’s bigger than Stranger Things.

I don’t have a clue what Stranger Things is.

I’m not in it. Nor in Harry Potter. Nor in Lord of the Rings. Nor in World of Warcraft. Nor in dressing up for neither Holloween or just because. I don’t have an excuse. Unless I’m interpreting a role. A social role. A happening act. A happening act. The collective fiction of an all together time. A wholy NEW state. A place to be. A feeling to nurture. A society to evolve into. This is poetry and history in the making.

O > Ye

The olmeca head experience. Ye’s ride.

The things he’s seen in in this (W)holy exploration. The shamanic learnings of the olmecan ancient NEW believers in an essential way of understanding our belonging to living ecosystem in which the way we’ve bonded with nature, with mother, with father, with family, and spread this simple message of a social will for our transformation into the aspiration that we ought to address in the biggest concentric circle we can actually address together without making either too complex, too long, too unmodern that people would not get it, and forget about, bored out of their Tik Tok excitement. Golman scored a tripple hat trick in the NEW camp King’s league final.

I can be that guy. God Father wanted me to be that guy. Prepare for it, HE said. And I just followed intructions. HIS. And this thing you are reading counts as terms of service. To NEW believing in elsewhere else. More than we can eat. This is bigger that the Beatles coming up to the stage and slapping Will Smith out of the blue. Keep my NEW system’s profet name out of fucking filthy disguting mouth, you little fuck, I hate you, I hate you, how could you, how could you, did you feel my palm, negro. Did you? Did You? Talk to me? Will Smith is quick. Of mind. And hand movement. Mohammed Ali just striked a blow with an open palm. It’s called palming. It’s heteropatriarchy’s fuel. It’s becomming stinct. Warning lights. Some people getting nervous. They white CIS males top of the mountain: the male elite at the 1% KINGDOM. DICKDOM.


You see. You are going to love hating who you already hate. Hate is human feeling. We don’t want to loose it. We love hating so much. We wouldn’t dare leave it behind. Forgotten. Why would we? We are not that smart. We are never ready. We are always late. We are trying our best. Give us a break. You dicks, fuck off. Hetheropatriarchy’s fall starts today. At last. You fall. Like all of them will. Feminist who were abused long ago. There is crime. Long ago. Nobody in that society did anything to battle that. It’s a documentary. And they are speaking out. It’s their story. Against the people who did this and «got away with it». What has heteropatriarch dickheads gotten away with?

Let’s start a ranking.

A social true story.

To exciting to miss.

The final joke.

It’s on all of us.

But them.


Allow them to glow back to normal.

Grow out of macho priviledge.

Drop the macho act.

It’s so dead.

Like dead we praise the day.


The here and now.

The sparkling wine.

The sent of love ones breath and wet lips.

Your dear tongue.

The act of love.

The secret bond.

The will of the gods.

The vedas and buddist ways.

Their central ideas to resist.

The way in which we have all kind of done our best to figure out what it is we are doing here. Common, it’s hard. And a bliss. And sometimes we win. In from of gala. In a show on the TV. Dad, I’m on TV. Mom, this is for your. Dear love, thanks for bearing with me and keeping me insane. I fricking love to be at the edge of touching rock bottom. And glow back to the top. As you were supposed to have achieved. The high rolers life. The fictional being. Right at the top of the game. And have a say in this NEW thing. The NEW thing everyone is talking about. For 99 days in a row.

This is the real NEW deal.

It’s going to happen in this time frame.

And it’s gonna play in a different direction.

It’s leaping out from here.

The hell away.

To the limit of chaos.

You get a tour through 99 explanations from Golman of the limit of chaos. And this other 99 topics.

They are hosted in my page.

This is my free space.

I’ve built it ever since.

But didn’t care to arrange the design.

I just did it.

But I did it already.

What I have done is what I have done.

It’s not a Rajoy game of words.

I’m not that great of a surreal poet.

I’m in a different dimention.

But I appreciate the laughs.

And the serene atmosphere around gun holding popular party voter.

My 99 PP tour.

Yet another list.











The top 9 pp voters stories. Start with the young ones. With those pastel swetears. Those clenchas. Girl from Venezuela are going to love those handsome NEW spanish salamanca bourough hunk. Well shaven boddies. The antagonist of bearded hairy hippies and communist bolchevics okupa terrorist. Those two poles. The movie is about that. Antogonisms. Nine pairs of them. To have real life common experiences. Even if they are lame. We are going to cure ourselves by travelling to the antipodes. It’s an act of NEW free will: collectively.

This is the time of the olmecan NEW revolt. It’s the backwards revolution. It flew from the past upon all of the spirit of our wisest old wo and man. This is the upgraded version of their message. This is where we all keep our respect towards what we pray to, and how we relate to the Gods that populate the multiveral scenario of the well being restored into a simple concept that could be assimilated and adopted by the entire society. Like a NEW gift. A gift from God Father himself. Who again, sacrifices his second son: Golman. So here I am. Delivering the act. The performative act of an artist AntiChrist who is really the second son (again HE lacked the sensitivity of sending this time a girl, so that HE would get up to date to the current ways in which the feminist movement has come to the front line and lead the way in to the clensing history period in which macho rule CIS white priviledge was abolished.

Date January 24, 2023. Which is actually in the NEW scope of time (the backwards direction). The true surreal movement. Going in the opposite direction. By matter of principle. You come down to Europe to write literature, so I wrote scripts in prose. To be taken to the postcinematography level. In the NEW grounds of an emergent art form and social gamming scheme, for all AI, for business models, for all individuals, present, future, past. The wholy sense of balance.

The way in which our 9 religions provide us with rules. The moral law of a NEW time. Because we can. Because nothing is holding us to this piece of shit. And also, this piece of shit we love. Because we’ve lived it. And consumed it to dead. In the meaningless path to the postcapitalis male driven consumerism to reach a Rich & Famous partying elite. That’s as good as your game goes. You are part of the priviledged ones. And thank God we can all get our psicotropics and vice. So we can all shook up. In which ever way we choose. Knowing the risks. Enabling the filling information of the characteristics of NEW sets of states of nature.

I’ve written a book.

And 99 tales.

The story of NEW world.

A literary tale.

I’m bigger that a Hobbit.

Darth Vader me la pela.

Ignmar Bergman felatio a Felini.

La Virgen de Guadalupe volando en Quetzalcoatl aterrizando en el monte Carmelo. En otro Quetzalcoatl cuate San Juan Diego aterriza el La Rovira y deposita una cabeza olmeca de 9 metros. Es un regalo de los NEW dioses para la población de este lado del ecosistema planeta, nuestro querido resiliente NEW gaia.

Soy un tipo que exagera en su mística sólo por tocar los cojones. Porque me gusta el tema. Porque creo en él. A pesar de que hay gente que no tenga la capacidad de percibir el subilme acto que sucede en el límite del caos. El sitio en el que la emergencia se hace presente. La noción de los estados alterados de consciencia y la vida que uno ve a través de ese momento de gloria infinita, aquí. Ahora. Ay ven.

Ay ven devorame otra vez.


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