I tried to find myself in Google

That’s me: Golman, servidor.
I’ve become a search for the definitive moment in time and space that will reverse the course of the final IT.

It like something bigger than anything else. THE thing. YOU know what I mean. Right. Right.

A question without a question mark would be a debate on English courses on native Literature from mexicans living in their ancient lands. I teach that in local University. I always get 99 online students from this location. That’s how I ended up coming to New América. I didn’t need to actually go. But I wanted to. So I tour the 99 spots in 99 days. Right in election times. I was the old América antiChrist. Finally. We’ve been expecting you. Ever since the firsts callers of the judgement day.

No fear.

Everyone take a sit.

The show will begin shortly.

Please leave your wallets on the fundraising purse that’s going around to collect your free fee.


How much are you willing to pay?

That’s been the case.

A case study.

An structural framework.

A piece of art that turns us into a new society.

The final day.

As we march into the place the knights have been wanting to march in for the longest time. Alas, we are here.

A new humanity rising.

That other way.

Leave your shit behind.

You ain’t need it.

It’s going to rock in a new beat.

Writers will write the fantasia land that overcomes the nothing. Like if you were Atreyu. Only this time for real. Or rather: for surreal.

Surreality wins.

As no one predicted.

Till now.


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