NEW américa mad man

Golman, NEW son of God

Some believed so.

I didn’t know.

So I kept my self outside that closed community.

Community is the NEW nation.

It’s a more flexible concept.

A wider model.


That’s kinda my thing. I don’t mean to brag or pretend to be someone I’m not. I’ll clearly underscore my own chances to humble myself up. Or just chicken out.

But I didn’t. I wrote. I drew some diagrammes. I created value. I just needed you to value my work. My proposal of being together. To a wider sense. In a brand new vessel. A santified vessel that took all of us, with the proper literacy, to come to this first giant collective cambric leap. The breach to Tico Commons. The final trick. A set of books.

As Father’s son, trully, and humbly, I was set to perform a personal piece of truth directly to the resonance of the spirit of the holy glow: ALLS.

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