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Starting the show

Today is the 13/5/23.

Long ago I designed a comming to age strategy that is basically a framework to come out. To present to the world a NEW you. And I’m here to exemplify how this is going to work.

Let’s start by organizing myself. In my head everything has been structured, several times, in many ways. It’s been a training for this moment. As «the time» is about to unfold, I must bring back some of those elements, and try to align them so I cas properly use the available technologies that I have now.

I’ve always thought that my exercise of my inner search was a continuos proof that I was on to something. Every blank page that came to a finish line proved it. But just to me. In a sense, I was training my own personal AI for this moment. And in this case, I have acomplish a hole body of original creations that are going to be able to fill in the gaps in this new scenario to use it and exploit it with the enhanced help of current AI availalbe technologies.

As an actuary I’ve been following machine learning and the mathmatics behind it for some time, with the aim to actually manage to gain some understanding of the process itself. The calculation capacity over the last three years has allowed the people who were working on this to surpass our achievable capabilities and it has open up a pandora-like situation.

GPT3 and GPT4 have exponentially change the game. It’s all happened in the last five months. And somehow, everyone is in on it.

Millions of experts have erupted, calls for caution and alarms have pointed out some recurrent thoughts on GML, which is not already here, and some new ones have fed our capability to use shock therapy to block ourselves, or to hide the underlying action from the usual suspects. Conspiracy, once again, is all over the place.

So to be informed and to have some actual understanding on what’s going on here, I’ve taken not just one course on AI, but two. I have consumed as many articles and information as it has been feasible provided I’ve had other duties to attend to, other interest to foster my own personal path, and the always present «stay behind the fence» attitute to avoid entering in the same sort of social trend that has you follow the advices that has been turned into usable memes.

So finally I’ve decided to jump into the game. I’ve open my ChatGPT account and decided that I was going to walk the talk. In fact, that’s been my podcast plan for quite some time, and now I’m upgrade my game with the use of AI.

It’s time.

Here’s what I’m going to do.

  1. I’m going to write down 9 prompt questions acording to the 9 best available meme-like advices on how to actually get the best result our of ChatGPT.
  2. I’m going to match the topics of those 9 prompts to the output topics that may represent best my persona lait motifs. Golman and its nine dimentions.
  3. I’m going to ask this AI to provide me with an upskilling plan to come out with a campaing structure that meets that of a launch.
  4. I’m going to upgrade my plan on how to proceed with the signaling and topics in my audios for the Walking the talk and talking the walk podcast.
  5. I’m going to proof the video editing uskilling that I need to start processing social media content from my existing content: written, ilustrated, voice, video.
  6. I’m going to AI-enhance the automatization of the postproduction of my content strategy.
  7. I’m going to assing a 99€ budget to be used in the upgrading of my game in order to generate 9 different revenue streams that I can exploit from my own creations.
  8. Desing a production studio de podcast/brodcast from my own space in the best available in the best live setup.
  9. Set up the best engagement elements to be considered to embrace a cultural shift towards a cooperative collective social gaming that allow people to co-create a resilient society that builds on the interation of this task force towards the transformation of society.


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