The journey around the sun

The idea we have in our heads about the motion around the sound describes a two-dimentional pathway that is not very accurate, but it is the simplest way of looking at it. We consider a motionless sun standing there, and not a complex system of planets in this celestial dance where we move around the sun, praising to our God, as we shadow the moves from His reflections.

So here’s the thing. Sometimes we are just used to the picture in our minds. And we can’t help it. That’s our truth. And we go no further. But sometimes, if we let our minds free, we may see things in a whole different way. Try this.

It blew my mind. That’s what’s transforming our society looks like. Something that we thing is fixed, may just as well be turned around, letting pass to a new emergent way to stay alive.

This is what innovation looks like to me.

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