GOLman offers his futbolartistry to the Tico Commons

Maes destrozados cohabitando la capital de una sede NEW del procomún: Tico Commons Head Quarters. The offices of the Tico Commons institution.

I’m lost. And so is half the world.

Half the world don’t care.

Or won’t ever know.

Feeling like this.

The way a tico does.



That’s it.

You get up; live.

You walk gently into the night.

You breath deeper and sound.

Mellalncholly blossoms from your wound.

Michallangello rolls a joint and explodes into a long 99 m story that cracked up ALLS.

One day you die.

That’s it.

Let’s bring the flow back into the mourning of a fifa elimination loss.

That pain is pure hetheropatriarch pain.

It’s bullshit.

You see.

I see.

We all see.

We are all part of this madness.

And feed from it to breath tomorrow.

And pretend there is a more serious place.




You win; you loose.

Compteting in a world-cup-like tournament are feeding the beast of hetheropatriarch machodom.



Ain’t that what these motherfuckers got comming their way.

The true ghost on the back.

The fall of moral standards.

The confirmation of the fictional coverups that enable such a darker surreality.

Surreality rules.

It’s never been.

It’ll never end.

You’ve got take it ortogonally in the direction where all of this took place. We can only go away in a perspective that transforms us forevermore. A dialogue with the neighborghood to show up late to the party that evolves into the day in which the activation forces united to glow back the planet into the ultimate lifelonglastspritx of togetherness beyond. Life is a hack. We’ve got to hack it to the ground to serve the purpose of self-adressingly recover the resilience back into the fuctional reels of this brand NEW society.

The possibilities after loosing a world cup game for seven nil are multiversally vast. That’s a blue ocean, right there.

Investors ball here.

Life is closer to loosing.

Winning is hard.

And sometimes you meet the gods. And you feel the connection just blew up my mind. And the story got thicker. The plot erupted. And bankrupted the end.

Misserable ending skills.

No end is necessary.

Poet giverish.


Poetic skills in the field.

Artistic closing contact accuracy.

KPIs architectural service.

Futbolartistry services.

Whole sale plan plan

Sustainable deployment platform services.

Data artistrymaking

Community founder.

Discourse maker.

First base fourth bat.

I can dribble the ball up.

I can bounce under my legs.

I can do that like rappers rap.

I can rap too.

I can BBQ.

I can futbolart.

I can feedbackloop.

I can play an act.

I can read my lines.

I can feel empathy.

I can feel loss.

I can feel lost.

I can feel glee.

I can feel free.

I can feel threatened.

I can feel frustrated.

I can feel pain.

I can feel anger.

I can feel vengance.



Let’s drop the asset.

All of them.

Release the markets.

Erase the future outcomes.

And go blank.










And then you pop back up. In another dimention. And you get to stay here. And belong to a new time. A new space. Right after reading this. Like a happening act. A rabbit whole to dive into. A magic land. A NEW trajectory away from all this absolutely amazingly complicated status quo world we live under the impression of hipocritacally survive with the self-accepting innapetence from too much havoc risking your precious perfect life to be spoiled by the Armageddon.

A new old thing.

I’m not pissed off at what happened. I bewildered it happened. It’s an impossible riddle to handle. Costa Rica did what it could do against a pretty nifty football team. The things that will be said about this game reconstruct the tyranny of the futbolart displayed by the NEW spain transnational team. This is bigger than yourselves. You are bigger than the Beatles. Ultimatelly driven by the market of you watching.

And you watch this global thing.

And we are somehow connected.

Until you are slowly getting left out.

Compteting or not.

But I feel a compromise with my people.

I feel I have to give back the good luck I have had with my upbringing.

I’m a priviledge brown boy from Elizondo, Bautzan, San Salvador, El Salvador.

I play like a revolucionary freestyle futbolartist rapper.

I can sing all the shit I’ve written.

Even if it doesn’t rhyme

Even if it doesn’t bite

Even if it is a crime

Only the beginning rite

You are gonna wanna gooooooooo

I’ve got all the hate I’d take

To stand up for good and ALLS

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