Multistakeholder community

Holistic vision for a resilient transformation

The PiPPi Cop is a community that has two key components: P and i, that is, procurement and innovation.

Let’s digg a little bit on what these terms stand for:

  • PiPPi: Platform for innovation in procurement and procurement of innovation.
  • CoP: Community of practice.
  • Innovation in procurement: new ways of establishing procurement processes.
  • Procurement of innovation: regulated mechanisms to procure innovative solutions to existing and contrasted demand-driven unmet need.

So already those elements provide us with a lot of questions and maybe not too many answers. Good. The focus here is more on the questions than the answers. That’s the key element of this community, in which the paradigmatic change is focused on the driving force of this process: an unmet need the health system aknowledges. That’s the demand-driven part. But it gets a little bit more complicated.

Let’s go bit by bit.

Beside the P and the I, the other important element here is the community.

This community is one of a kind. It’s not the only one, as the increasing interest in procurement of innovation and adoption of innovation has all the relevant stakeholders movilizing towards a common goal: bring about the elements that could support and guide the transformation of our society towards greater access to high-value care.

There is a holistic approach in the sense that in the construction of this CoP a multistakholder approach was intended to understand and incorporate every perspective within an interconnected society. The inception and launch of this community is special in the driving institutional forces that organized to create the first demand-driven CoP focused on the adoption of procurement of innovation as a systemic driver for transformation.

The multistakeholder approach of this map englobes holisticcally all the players that have somethign to do with procurement of innovation. And there is another clear element in this picture: demand-side institutions (citizens, patients, healthcare providers, public bodies) and supply side (research and innovation communities, industry and enablers)

I’ll detail more those stakeholders in further posts.

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