¿Qué hizo mal el ángel caído?

¿En qué le podemos ayudar?

Nadie se interesa por Santán en tiempos del jubileo cristiano.

Cristo; cristiano.

Cristian; Golman.

Ese enfrentamiento se tenía que dar. Y nuestro equipo iba a luchar de tú a tú.

Stop making the mistake I just learned you mustn’ do.

I am so proud now that I’m clean.

The same, really, as saying:

I am so proud now that I’m satan.

And satan is right there with you: is him/her.


In you, through you. You can’t help it.

How many possesions should there be if Santan himself was working 24/7?

How many failing acts from Satan being reckless at what he is supposed to be doing?

Why is Santa never a girl?

Did I say satan or santa?

I’ve been called a deamon today. That’s why se got mad. I was coming down from feedbackloopping whe she landed the useless question: have smoked?




Liar. Why do you lie to me. I can tell. It shows. The way YOU are acting. Your eyes. And it’s only Monday; it’s only 18:30. You are fired. Go to detention until you safely land back.

Feedbackloopper nine, Commander Golman, safely watch the machine learning do the trick and landed with an automàtic turn. You don’t need to worry. But Golman was old school. He was one of the curators of the olden age theories. Tha past had been surpassed as we reached out to the belonging at the higher dimention. Golman upgraded the collective achievement of a planetary plan. It was divided in 9 WP. And we were going to take over the party! With a project management operation run by the best feedbacklooppers. We are going to have run this programme again. To define a show! Our iRaise show!

We have a ride to play. A upward journey to the end of the quest. The place where we fulfill ourselves. With all the love. And all the current intention. The best 99 folks to hover on top of the surface of any given unmet need. We are going to speed up the time to the collectiving rising of the mojo that condenses the fluids, souls and rythms of Bob Marley, Jim Morrison, Jesusfuckingchrist!, Brent, Kurt, Cosme, Panteón Rococó, La Maldita, Chavela y José José. ¿Dónde quedó la paridad?

Soy un producto de la influencia heteropatriarcal que hace que estemos enfermos como sociedad. La violencia que las mujeres han desvelado ha pasado frente a nosotros sin que nosotros hiciérmos nada. Somos los culpables de este cáncer. Como matar al espermatozoide a penas comenzado su noviazgo con la señorita Óvula. El magnicidio de tu espermatozoide sagrado. La voluntad de ser, según su trayecto sagrado. La carrera de tu vida. La corrida más sublime. Una historia de éxito deportivo. La conclusión en el primerísimo lugar del podio. Uno. Bienvenido a la cima. ALLS

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