New América History B

New América is the new awakenning.

Could it come from an outer coordinate?

Yes, it must.

That’s how’s been designed.

And we all know that design reigns over everything else.

Don’t we?

Look at Silicon Valley. Or Steve Jobs. Ain’t that what they always said? Design first. People will follow if it strikes the right chord. And then we die.

But for a second there you were part of something else. You owned a Mac. And that made you better. At least better that your working self: a microsoft.

If you got time, just browse through that, just for fun. It’s a funny way of looking at our dual nature. There’s always an antagonist play being performed around us. And we get a chance to choose which club you are bound to. Like a futbolart club.

But that’s not why I started to write this post. It was all about the title: New América History B. What the fuck is that? Well, it’s just a NEW history class. And WTF is that?

Well, that’s what’s new. NEW is a new program that will run against the old one: status quo. That is, we have what we’ve had. And that’s fine. We could say that the new PC is a matrix that includes both «Hi I’m a PC; hi I’m a mac» world. The world as it was. Not that it was only PC’s fault. As if Mac world people are not to blame. Oh, man, I worded that wrong: we are not blaming anybody. This is against anybody, really. It’s a whole NEW thing. A big bright green pleasure machine like product: a NEW Society. A new club. A new force to startup the system. Entirely.

So how do we name this NEW world. Well, just add NEW to the old one. That’s a good way to start a new world that does not aim to destroy the past one. Just to become a more resilent and adaptive new complex social system. That’s a big step. And we are so ready to make that leap. Aren’t we?

So let’s do it. Welcome to New América.

New América: un continente pleno.

This post had an original idea in mind. To write an essay. Not this one. A NEW one. One that would describe the story of our new continent united. That is New América History B. As if we could describe the new context of the emerging system by looking at our untold history. Now just from our past little great nation. But way beyond. The system, globally, that now binds us to a global undestanding that need to review what we have taken in as true. The B story. Way hidden under the carpet of our official tale.

So, do you have an alternative history tale that hasn’t been told within your own little world? Think about it. Unveil that story. Let’s see what we can come up with.

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