PiPPi CoP – A multistakeholder result

A community of practice to embrace demand-driven adoption of innovation

We desire something sublime.

And we are sure we are going to convince you.

This is going to be the next big thing.

Soon another will come and wash your interest away.

It’s called neoliberalism at best: current status quo capitalism.

I don’t like gamecalling.

I don’t know, call me conservative.

I’m a bit different.

I don’t mind to go.

I’ll go elsewhere.

And so are we.

And we are going to take a journey.

And we are trying to raise some awarness on the greates collaborative action to go about this problem, the true unmet need, and our capacity to understand each others common needs and specific context in which you will deliver the dancing. It’s on you. And also on the winner of the contest. The action will need both of you: demand and supply.

This is the greatest effort ever made.

We are taking you on the ultimate journey.

9 NEW complex systems emergence.

Case ünö.

99 cases to come.

9 a la 9

Erre dos.


Dos droides separados. No pago un céntimo. 99 veces más avanzados que el mexicano de Star Wars (la original, cabrón).


NEW markets forseight evangelist Golman 99

Be prepared. You’ll be call upon. And you may have something to say. Something to do. A role to play. A activity to lead. A purpose to convince. A community to engage. A team to empasionate. A journey to begin. A passage to overcome. A system to overboard. A resilience to assist. A laughter of joy. A communion with the good OLD Father God. We miss him. Always.

Güëÿ (luego hablamos de las diëresïs. . . . . . . . . .

El viaje NEW


Lo primero, lo primero, lo primero, fue narrativa, cabrón.

El viaje NEW

Luego encabezado. Y de los cabrones, H2. Pinches cabrones. Váyanse a la verga.


Las historias ultrashort, pese a cortas, ALLS.

Literatura kaiku.

Ya ni la muelan.

Firmas en Sant Jordi. . . . . . . . .

Sueños guajiros, hijo.

In this event RaDAR will present the experience that different professionals involved in a crossborder PPI can bring to the understanding from the journey from and aligned unmet need towards a transformative way of approaching the demand driven approach to change the way in which we are going to adopt the innovation that is based on how we’ve collaboratively worked to prepare a competitive tender procedure that is more that just a competition within a specific classic market. In this case, the need is more complex, or rather it has been taken through a journey in which the vehicle of procurement of innovation is invoqued into our society, as an open cry to become something else, both demand mating with supply. RaDAR PPI aims that high. The highest possible result: a sustainable solution against AMR resilient and holistically to ensure one health. PiPPi, as a way of collectively cocreating the most dynamic new markets comming from the an unmet need that four different buyers are looking go through with the willingness to deploy a NEW system presented by the economic operators bundling up into innovative solution providers. RaDAR will explain how part of the methodology of PiPPi is being developed right now by the effort of doing output-based PPI/PCP project coordination the way in which Ion Arrizabalaga will tell us about.  

Collective collaborative decision-making.

Coordinating a complex system.