Biden won


Yesterday’s news.

The future belongs to them: Biden & Harris.

74 million voters: blue.

70 million voters: red.

A nation divided in two. The duality spell. Or society is fully aware of its division. We all want to be on one side. Not the other. Repeat: not the other. Thank God. Goddamit.

It’s a matter of faith. Or lack of.

Don’t get hushed.

Still, life goes on.

Sad or hopefull.

Revenge or peace.

Take a fit or take a pill.

Chill pill.

Chill bitch.

Breath like a true New Américan.

New América First.

MAGA lost.

There’s an indian dancing in Washington. He’s surrounded by kids. They are laughing with joy. Not that laugh. Not that laugh. Country united. United states. The law prevails. Democracy wins again. Election day.

The race is over. AP call it: it’s over. Biden won. Stop the winning, biatch.

Here are the results:

The thirteen colonies voted blue. The people from the Mayflower. That’s something.

What used to be México (somebody has to see this analysis) voted in mixheartedly. The lone star stands tall red. You can see México in the edge our the silloute of Trumps’s imaginary, and real, wall. It’s that white ghost down south. There’s another line, ficticious if you may, but also historical, that marks those seven states. Another red one: Utah. The rest: New México, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada and last, but by no way least, California, are all blue. In the little election played by these symbolic partitions of our neighbourly country, the result places part of the global situation of this divison: blue on top of red.

There is still a flyover state scene. Blue América flies to blue states. Red América stays still. Does not fly. It’s a stay at home state of mind. And no one else’s allowed. Apparently Mexico payed for the wall. And dreamers were placed in cages. Families separated. Concentration camps of our current state of affairs. Let us be reminded of the hideous stains from recent events. And the anguish of the desplaced. Mistreated down south, in their own missery, by our own cultural drive for drugs, our weapons dependency, our war-loving thrill, our violent nature, and our cinical economical stability standards. Markets are up. Let’s run the show. Let’s deal, this time seriously, with the virus. Or was whats his name the virus?

Biden won. Harris, man, as well. A woman. The legacy of comming from India and Jamaica. Ya, man. Oh, whatating. Ommmmmmmmm……….

Mixed Culture Nature. MCN, like it’s now called. By me, at least. The placement of elsewhere, also here. As if we belong together. We need this sort of leadership. We can built bonds with this kind of nation. Yet, we aknowledge what has happened as a curiosity of our days. The rise of entertainment and white power supremacy intentions. And some of that stays put in our hard drives. As we’ve seen shit go on. And this shit is by no means minor, nor over. We are not in a resolved state of affairs. The quest is inmense. But I trust and old man’s leadership. And the tandem of a dancing women in charge of operations, with that leadership white catholic men lack of. Don’t get me wrong. We need this kind of mix symbolisms in our division bell.

Pensilvania, and the bell that stands for democracy, voted blue. And red. There’s red votes everywhere. But there’s more blue hope. And we are feeling blue today. This American donkey feeling. The world assists at yet another entertainment event from the first nation, acording to them, to the narrative of the land of the free and the rockets RED glare. The bombs bursting in air. The flag. The stripes, blue/red. The stars. And Puerto Rico.

Miami is red. No wonder, Eipstein. Nevermind. Latinos in their capitalist capital. Allow them to feel safe. Red away from the red. The ghost of the commies. Grow up, fools.

Georgia blue is dream. A dream of south turning blue. It’s a miracle. A way of looking at the end of division. The deep south finding the explantation workers in the demographic flip that will turn the pages of this nation’s future. Peacefully. White’s chill. Nobody is here to go against your anglican morals bullshit supremacy. Or aren’t they…?

Chill pill. Common. Don’t get angry. Nor even. Stop the hate pattern in your head. Relax. Don’t flex your muscles. Live your war toys in the cabinet. You ain’t at war. Not every day is final combat day. Stop playing fornite. Or killing zombies. Breath. A sigh of relief. Just stop. Hear the music. Sing. As the caged bird longs for freedom. And you still stand in the land of the free. So common.

Look at the map. Check Canada out. Check the Mexico profile. We are a floating image in your mind. Nothing else matters. The world is looking at us. We are in the center of the eternity. Like God intended with our stupid pride. God bless only US. Our own. Our values. Our history. It all stands taller than Tenochtitlan. Or the hills of Montezuma. Look at the Gulf. Our gulf. Even if it’s partly Mexican. We can still drill sideways. Frickingly frackingly. Atlantic coast. East coast. West coast. Pacific. Peace. The square states. Far west. The rush for the land. And the gold. Forget the local dwellers. Indian territories. Respect. Nations within nations. Is that too hard to get?

Loussina, Alabama, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Tennesse… surprisingly red. Not. Business as usual. Alrigh, alright. But there’s the blues. There’s a conspirancy of the dunces taking place. Mardi Gras. French in the picture. A flow of an international mixtape. And the swamps we’ve encountered while rading the seas in search for the Spanish vessels that extracted the gold from the mines. Developing nations standing on the shoulders of their colonial days. Prior independence day.

OOOOOOOO-K-lahoma where the wind sweeps, the weaving wheat, and Curly. We get it.

Biden won. He told the nation he’s going to unite them. It’s what all president-elect say. It’s part of the political scenery. Part of the script. So is accepting defeat. If you are trained for that. The man in the seat is going to make it look like a battle. The voice of those supporters are going to be waiting for their leader to show the way. The are standing by. And the boys mean business. But the land of the free has an institution driven main field. And will not allow otherwise to stain the symbols of the legacy. The whole architecture is in place for an outsider to create havoc. We are too old of a nation for that.

Mexico deserves better. And when I say Mexico I mean the whole back patio. Youknowaraimean. Mexicans. Latinos. Potato, potato.

Robinette is in. Not the first one in the family. Incumbent: new word. 46th.

You can find him on those profiles. And everyone. We are all in it. Playing the game. People also search for them. Some are going up. Some are going down. Everyone smiles in their profile. Almost everyone.

The news has spread. The president himself is a news outlet. Just like the one before. Or never again. The media. You know. The media players. Warren. The others. The interest of the markets. Don’t spoil it, kid.

Joe send a written message to the people.

If you want to shop, you may. It’s New América.

A new era.

A new cicle.

A bright future ahead.

May God, if indeed He is watching, look upon the people traveling across the univers chasing the sun, and the rest of the planets, in that chilling expectacle of our solar system dance.