Imagine as resolved as life could be expected

There. Take it.

It’s all yours.

You are there.



Your individuality turns into collective.

They are two independent states.

No intersection.

Two diferent things.

You get what I am saying?

Do you?

Hey, are you with me?

Get out of my face.

Was my English not understood?

Do I need to spell it out for you?


Imagine that fuck you well placed.

You are going to need to use it. Whenever dickless prick enters your tyrany of the frame.

You see: you are holding a cámara.

Wait… wait… wait… picture yourself.

What’s in your hand?

No wrong answers.


That’s a finalizing more than a word.

A place to arrive to.

And glow.

You outgrow yourself when you take several risks in life. So you ought to try it too. My rules, though. That’s what you would be signing in to.

A NEW social network.

The resolved plan.

I was introduced today as the new member of a team of professionals to speed up to our potentials to kick some orange’s ass.

We, purple.

What happen: you ain’t like purple, huh?

Are we still dealing with this shit?

It’s your tendency of somehow been like that: like him. We will always remember Don T, oh yeaaaaaaaaah!

And you move on.

The world moves away from trumplike behavior: breakin into the capitol 9.

This time, we stayed.


Your doom day, man.

I am a man, too. Just as well. So well I’ll be diferent Don T, I’m gonna give you credit for the 99 good things we can get out of your Sx years in the chair, Baby! SHOW. I own the right to that idea, Don T, but I’ve got a proposition to make: come cohost this shit up from NEW capital NEW Barcino. Barcelona hosting a Don T event, and the reaction of the city. The biggest coming together of pricks per square meter fair in the city capital of the NEW days. Welcome: the game has begun.

I’ve got to go. I left a long time ago. I’ve writting though. It’s all here. I could leave any time. Death is just around the corner. We don’t have to put up with dicks, facists, extremist, gun loving carrier downloading violent death into the pubic space. That could happen if and only if guns could be avoided from being transported, logistics attached, getting them, and then carrying out at eye pop tv. It’s a crime in the making. Or the ultimate defence from our violent driven gun lovers. We don’t get you nor want this narrative. Oh, so you are pacifist. Oh, we are calling each other names, huh. Is that how we are going to play it? How do you think our armed forces are holding in our position in the northen frontier, this gunsmen have here before. Back when this land was something more than just Mexican: NEW spain.

We are no longer EspaÑa.

Adios! (así con un sólo símbolo de exclamación: bisis)


The fuck off of your multiverse.

Allowing each to have at least one: multiverse. Your own private multiverse. A place where everything holds for you. You still need to build it. So that’s your big quest. Your road. Your belonging to action. I’m an evantelist, I lied to my all white audience: pure Europeans. Top of their class. I am Golman, an Internet HERO: a futbolartist. I am comming into the show to spice this shit up. Let’s get everyone into the motion. It’s a priviledge to me to work in such a quest, as I overtake all my projects. Forgive me if I get too Colón on your table. I wanna love you and treat you right.