This shit is rigged

Antípodas y dualidad

Somehow everything is designed to fuck up. There is no meeting in the middle. We are doomed already. It’s just our way of doing things. We are already polarized to the extreme of our own self fullfilment. You doubt a little bit. Just to have some sort of assertion of our internal capability of recognizing our own flaws. But barely. Like it’s no big deal. We’ve got the whole thing pretty much figured out. Since the sixties. We are still on. And them, still off.

People will come to some senses when they feel what they still fail to feel. Open your eyes. Like I do. Look at me. I’m doing the tango. And that’s what’s on steak. And we’ve come to this point in history where the people need to follow through the rabbit hole. And become on with the ultimate revolution. As there is no other chance. We nearly blue it last time. Just like the time before. And the one before that. It was safer to stay within the box. But now you are all like thinking outside the box is the big shit. So everybody is out of their own damn box. And nobody in it. That shit is crooked.

I am telling you. Don’t follow me. Disregard everything I say. It might be just the contrary. Exactly the opposite. The funny thing is: there’s always people on the antipodes. And that’s the real deal. That’s what this fucking pendulum has to offer to your sorry ass, right now. A place to start swinging. From now on, you’ll just repeat. Like you’ve always done. You always do the same old shit, so that’s not going to be a problem. Even if you’ve just become a runner. Trust me. You’ll follow the road. And fullfilment, as failure, await you on either side. Do not fear. As everything will unfold. At any given point.

It’s really just an adquiered taste. To dissagree. And go on. To just pick a side. And go on hating the nemesis. It’s how simple we are. How much wiring there is in our neural networks. There’s no space for new estates of nature, unless we force the machine to completely stage a new set of parameters. That’s the idea. And you can start by labeling a new set of words, or better yet, a brand new alphabet. One that can be translated in a diferent dimension, with diferent sets of outcomes. Maybe multiversely. Just to go against our stupid obsesion with unique answers. We are just too dumb to see it, but eventually, we’ll get there.

Today is your lucky day: you get a chance to explore this other language.