The Flying Spaghetti Monster came to see me

After a first day of holy presence I was blessed by another sacred visit

Much like the wise men, the Flying Spaghetti Monster came to visit me to greet my holy presence in this unforsaken time. He/She/It told me that the feeling of hopelessness had been wondering in his head and that things looked so much brighter today.

I confessed I was NEW here and I didn’t know much about anything other that my holy quest to (re)NEW the whole social structure that was installled over a this 2020 years of so, and that I had to show up and unveil myself whichever way it seemed reasonably to my current state of mind. It’s not an impossition, said Father God in the last supper we had, just before I was thrown into this world to experience the human life I’m living. So far, so good.

The Flying Spaghetti Monster and Golman were already in a state of complete bondage with the holy spirit that surrounded them right then and there. It was the first time they met and the connection was immediately significant for one another. The ease in the FSM was the blessing he received from the exchange they were experiencing. Likewise, the NEW profet that already represented the holy ghost trilogy, having the strong effect stem cells have in molecular biology ways, with all that refreshing genomics from the ancient times as the most sofisticated design to encapsule what we really are.

—I followed the star—said the Flying Spaghetti Monster, referring to the Sun—and it brought me here. The sun flares spoke to me and gave the coordinates of your nativity. They were magnificent today, especially two of them that connected two arcs at the top part of the star to resemble the image of myself, while the enormous glorious sunspots allowed the magnetic fields to connect in and out of itself, the message became clear to me.

The sudden coronal mass ejections produced a rain towards the Flying Spaghetti monster with the brightest and splendid bits of electrons, protons and ions that made the monster blink. As He/SHE/IT did, the voice of Father God spoke to him in a NEW language he had never heard, but understood however, with no real effort. The message was clear and the sunlinght pointed at this magnetic field produced in the blue planted, that connected the thin waist of the NEW continent, coming at first from the top of the highest mountain around, Chirripó, and shifting all of the sudden to an holy grounds of Guayabo. The glorious magnetic field connected that holy sanctuary in Turrialba with a loop that landed on the other end in the holy mountain of Carmelo.

—It was there when I first saw you—said the FSM.

The singularity event took the shape of the sunflare that the FMS had just witness with the message from the Sun. But this time it projected al olmeca head at the top of the Carmelo mount. The energy filtered from the tropical magnetic field in Guayabo and into the mediterreneum hills that Carmelo mount connected with. This unique reconnection was a life changing experience for the FMS who has never witness anything like that, as the olmeca head grew brighter within the contained size of the olmeca head, which was about 9 m tall, and looked as if the contemplation of history, time and space, was all in connection with NEW gaia.

At last, the FSM told Golman, the head only spoke one word: ALLS.

And the wave of ALLS created a field of joy that lasts forever in both directions of time.

I looked in the Flying Spaghetti Monster’s eyes then and I knew were all but one.

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