El estallido mundial

Hoy Jose Luis Cebrian se despacha con una editorial de talla internacional en su particular periódico: El País. Y nos pinta un análisis de la política internacional y nuestro esquema global de alianzas. El mundo en manos de Donald tiene sus consecuencias mundiales. Ya lo sabíamos. Donald es así. No sabíamos cuándo, pero la escalada de la violencia se proyectaría con un Commander in Chief de la talla de Trump.

Pero Trump no lo es todo. Arabia Saudita. Israel. Turquía. Rusia. Iran. China. UE. La política de seguridad guarda ciertas claves que se exponen de tanto en tanto sobre un tablero de ajedrez. Y se manejan tanques blindados para lanzar un globo sonda. Y estamos alertados. Peligro inminente. La guerra mundial cada vez más cerca. El cerco se proyecta una vez más sobre los ejercitos en su enésima misión salvadora para resguardar la paz: guerra.

Los valores de las democracias occidentales. Creo que ese es nuestro lugar aparente. Todos los otros que vienen de otras latitudes y culturas todavía deben poner sobre la mesa un modelo de convivencia más justo y próspero que el nuestro en particular. Y nos quedamos tan anchos. Lo nuestro funciona. Mírese usted. No hay espejo que le chuleé. No se aflija: todos somos feos por dentro. Al menos la parte oscura, que no negra. Black is beautiful.

I’m black. I decided to be one when I learned from history the struggle they went through. From the time I figured ot they are still being spelled from their territory, their land, their home place, because they law there is an army of gunmen. Men. Brutally slaving kids to be part of the gang. Killing. Be killed: the alternative. And we, the white men, have dealt guns and traded with coltan to produce microchips to have mobile phones to chat with the world. Connectivity is a gift we have when we close our eyes to feel the pain the lost souls suffer when they are being exploited by the bad guys who do the dirty job as the minerals are channel up the funnel to satisfy what we are now. Brainless tumors.

We just keep on. And that’s enough. We consume. We believe the markets when the people who knew economics explained the intensive 99 minute course on the current state of a «science».

Economics have gone out the door and taken the highway to highlands.

Time to balance my investments. Defence markets will raise optimism in funds. Investors get ready. The money flow from the president’s pocket. Rusia knows. France knows. Germany knows. Saudi Arabia knows. Qatar knows. Turkey know. Money is going to storm into the defence budgets as the traditional allies loose control of the European governments. The modern left and the righteous right. Left out of the picture. Newcommers. Extremists. Separatist. People are trying to break in. Warning signs all over the place. We lost the power. We are not going to let you take down our holy cow.

Is that a threat, sir?

Answer my question.

Do you want to be as straight forward with me as I am being, respectfully, with you?

I could escalate a conversation to the edge of time. Time to act. Move there.

No time to waste. Then, what?

Are you in or out?