A bigger than the Dude attitude

This was like saying you are bigger than Jisus to the ninth.

I can present myself to a whole culture that excedes the place where it’s produced. Be it USA or China.

I could also present to the wolrd with this title and those two sentences.

The world: whole.

It’s a shitty whole, anyhow, there’s 999999999 other things besides the edge of what the Earth, regardless of her inhabitant, at the current time of the abstract thought class.

I can rebuilt a whole set of islands to present my new set of games.

Inside out.

Very important information in this movie to understand the life inside our head.

I could have written heads, but I chose to cut the s.

So cut the shit.

Why bring a bull in now.

Spanish poetry: Golman ask.

I was a poet first before anyone noticed.

I was here.








Life’s struggle: cope.

As something that’s already here.

Something in our hands.

Something we inhale.

Something surreal.

Something in my mind.

Something personal.

Something alike.

Something new.

Something old.

It’s what we have.

My family.


Oh, yeah.

Oh, yeah!

Oh, yeah!

Oh, yeah!

Oh, yeah!

Oh, yeah!

I get up and write an Opera in WhatsApp.

To Horatio.

From Shakespeare’s copycat.

The night dweller author story.

Je ne sais pa.

It’s only a joke.

The opera goes about New América on top of good old America.

Get why we are América. No doubt. Global policy. Now. Here.

We become politician of this one place.

The globalization took place.

We noticed.

Lood at you, tourtists.

You are a plague.

And we are going to kill the planet.

We feel we can own it and destroy it. Sociapath’s dream.

We are playing along. With no real alternative.

Think chaos.

In good terms.

Why order.

Why that?

Why them?

How to overthrown a tyranical rule?

You get a democratic majority.

People will vote your plan.

If there is one we can follow, better.

And people believe. Or not. They know. But hey, once again. If there’s a ballot, a right and reason to vote: let’s do it.

La vida es mucho más compleja, y simple, de lo que nos paramos a pensar.

Porque el movimiento eterno manda.

Nos dice: no pares.

No hoy.


Y corremos a perseguir el vagón.

Y de un salto, nos apeamos.

Me encanta poner Clerks y pausarla justo en el primer fotograma: perro.

Y ponerme a escribir. Estoy hipnotizado por esta película. La quiero volver a ver una y otra vez. Y pienso, la voy a transponer con una pieza escrita. Y me preparo. Pero nunca le doy al play. La palabra gana. Me quedo creando la ópera prima del Liceu silencioso, y el texto que aquí nos ocupa. Y la lógica de la narrativa se pierde en mil momentos. Pero la página se sigue leyendo. Y el texto fluye, aunque sin darle mucho peso a nada. Como si fuera un texto que inspirado en Clerks se transpone a otra cosa que nada tiene que ver. Salvo todo. Nada.

No se si recuerdo todos los conflictos de Clerks. Cómo se cierran todas las historias. O si llego al final despierto alguna vez. El hecho es recurrente. La pongo, la pauso y no la veo. La veo otra vez, la pongo, pero me pongo a escribir. O se pasa el tiempo. Me voy a dormir. Voy a verla nomás. Me siento en el sillón. Llego a ese punto, con Silent Bob.

VUelvo a poner Clerks.


Durmió en el armario. Hola, qué, hoy no trabajo. Está en español. No entiendo nada. Estoy viendo a un jodido gringo hablando español de le aquella España Cojones.

Casa con porche no to inhibe a ser white trash.

Kevin Smith edited it.






Producer: Golman Elizondo.

The stolen newspaper stand.

The courtain wont open. The open the trunk. Written and Directed by Kevin Smith. You have to be the filmmaker of your story. Clock. Time. Front office. I assure you we are open.


Mind if I drink this here.

Can I have cigarret.

Are you sure?

That’s your lung.

Smoking through

A picture of the cancer in the lung. Before they were in the packs.

Home entertainment.

Jay and Silent Bob.

I’m gona fuck this bitch. I’ll fuck anything that moves.

Of course we are all gonna die some day. Do we have to pay for it? Some people following orders. Some other did it. He’s the threatening..

Honestly vs Paranoia.

Do you think people would see us if we did it here?

Making a woman cum.

A guy makes a woman come.

To put it in your mouth is not just an easy job.

How many diferent girls have you slept with?

You slept with 12 diferent girls.

You only slept with 3 diferent people…

Are you still going to Setton Hall?

You two lovebirds take it easy.


You suck that guy’s dick?

We never have sex. Doesn’t mean I didn’t suck his dick.

This is diferent. How many.

Something like 36.

Does that include me?


No but you sucked enough dick.

Going down is not a big deal.

Hey, tray not to suck any dick in he way to the parking lot.

Dick with an attitude. Entrada de classact.

Oh wait a minute, what was that name again.

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