Bruce Willis’ roast

Comedy central tries to sell you a tv show. Bruce enters in a Harley. We’s still bald.

How do you go at Bruce?

Have you got balls?

Are you ready for this?

What a carreer. A development. The whole nine … twelve monkeys, no Oscars. The sixth sense. Acting against the kid. At the end of the sixth sense Bruce goes back to doing shitty movie. I played Bruce where I was the fast and the furius. Ashtone and Bruce. I don’t give a fuck attitude. One of the three founders of Planet Hollywood. Not the one who won an Oscar nor the one who became the governor of California. Demi is going to be here tonight. And she’s wrote some memories and is selling it right now. So we hear allthree of you. Live.

Speaking of eating pussy, Cibyl. Tight vagina jokes. Clean shaven jokes from a comedian who is funny and a serious Esperanza Aguirre. Kevin Pollock is here. One of the greaters Robin Willis. Cybil. Modern, actor, singer, her resume is impressive, Cybel, you slippy potato. How did you have a strioke in both sides of your head. I just met Denisse trying to sell me incense outside. Eduward Norton is here. You marryied a nice guy and then he became an asshole. Impressive in . I know you as a star who you find … I’ve never seen one of your film. A nuckle from a guy coming in your eye. A lot of people . You are so cool, you hard, your children must be so proud of their father, Ashton Kusher. Or warever.

Los mexicanos entendemos el pinche humor gringo las viejas cagadísimas que nos enseñan las señales de luz hacia el paraiso de los blancos: lo que la derecha latinoaméricana consigue con algo más de son que nuestros blancos congéneres del norte. Vamos a repartirnos el espacio. Vamos a decir que estamos todos en la misma tierra. Los niños lo entienden. Salieron a la calle y lo expresaron juntos. Juntas. Todas las personas.


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