Fuck facist t-shirt

Imagine someone walks into a room wearing a t-shirt with a message that says «Fuck Facists». There’s a person in the room that get’s ticked off by use of the «F» word, and finds the message absolutely innapropriate. He walks up to the person wearing that shirt and demands:

a) Some sort of explanation

b) To take it off.

c) That person to leave.

d) Take it back.

e) All of the above.

The sociological experiment was conducted with a double blind and control group within the classical design of the famous behavioral economist Dr. Jurgen Kollmann, who’s been detecting nazis in all corners of the world with his sociological studies and test. So far, the number just keeps getting bigger. The last test was developed to bring to the table the situation in which a nazi gets offended for being called a nazi. Facists, nowadays, get put off by this tautology. They have become extremely offended of being a minority that gets picked on.

The results are devastating in some underclass neibourhoods of brown and black communities, where the morenazis are becoming the next big thing after the reggateon armaggeddon. Life was lame all over the place, and the soundtrack of our disgrace was going down the gutter with racial beats sung by white folks speaking, finally, the truth. White postsupremacists. The new deal with racists act. NDWRA. NDWRA soon became a UN programme with bugdet, NGO teams and a group fo multiracial milenials piling up the data on top of this new notion: NEW revolution.

Political stand was all of the sudden becoming clear to the masses. The new leader was bringing to the table the possibility to vote for this one way out. Listen up. Gather up. This is your captain.

Captain NEW América. Or as the kids like to call him, Golman.

Bertrand Russell was right. Some shit if fucked up when these creatures emerge.

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