Golman Actuarial Services (GAS)

GAS is the latest company I launched. It just left my creative process. And it’s already alive. It’s a thing. More than a thing. An actuarial thing.

So that’s more than just your typical actuarial services. Now you have the possibility to adquired the best qualified actuaries in the commons. We come from a Mexico City understanding of actuarial sciences and its professional implications of what we like to call the big tent or our social/professional interfase with society. We are the action figures of a new era we are here to push through the newest lobby in the deck. Forgive us for being a bit too risky. We love risk.

Risk loving community: finally someone is giving you what you always dreamed of: the right place to invest. The balanced portfolios of our nine strategic funds. We not only cover the math, the risk analysis and the statitics and matlab code we need to run our scenarios over a series of states of nature. You can get as inside into the technical actuarial design taking place in the first actuarial firm from new global perspective.

We are market drivers. Creators of new schemes of futuristic societies. We can leverage the risk of the outliers going to places no one in the art-math-code-app-innovation-mkt-sales department-gamification-tranformation department took into account in the initial framework of our brand new system. We build models from scratch. And we apply data to forecast that brings us AI to serve us feedbackloopers better.

I could explain what an actuary does. But I’ll just cut to the chase. You are here because you like what you are hearing. And you think you might just opt in this time. I am going to offer you something you can’t ressist as this is exactly what you were searching for in you current state of exiting though the back door. Suddenly this post speaks to you. At you. Is you. You must come in.


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