I’ve been censored

I’m still in shock. It’s not every day. That’s not the case. It’s a feeling of being together playing power roles on each other. This is what it’s all about. It’s a community. The sense of what we are building. It’s bigger than ourselves.

Yet someone is going to try to fuck with your art. Someone is going to say: NO, MAN. Take that art down. Use this other more solemn swedish way of aesthetically present what we are working collaboratively. But allow a tico commoner to raise his voice in public plaza. This is the kind of event that is meant to change it all. For once.

And that’s that.

It’s a done deal.

You win.

You got it.

It’s yours.


That’s a ticatalän word for kudös.

Jan always got the kuddos part. Jan Hazalzet (I hope I spelled it correctly. It’s so rude to piss a hollander. They are regularly awesome people in two to one feet, to certain few cases of no foot. Nofooters. They join a social network. Tamales.

Feo. Un chiste de tamal es pasarse de listo. A la persona en cuestión le amputan las dos extremidades. ¿Qué coño nos creemos nosotros con capacidad de juzgar si esa persona es algo menos de lo que era cuando andaba caminando? Porque ahora puedes correr. Porque ahora caminas para ir a trabajar. Porque todavía puedes. Caminar es el derecho más humano que tenemos. Y debemos usarlo. Caminar por la calle. Sin miedo. En una sociedad libre para que lo hagamos en paz. En Pau. Todes.

De feo a Todes.

Así se llamaba el reviewer de hoy. Fue un triunfo por la escuadra. El primer día que nos vimos en persona (ahí va una mentira) fue el uno de septiembre del año de la pandemia. No es otro. Fue ese. Pasamos COVID. Y nos hundimos. Ahora sí. Todes.

Se requiere un tránsito por las palabras para redactar un tractatum Oraleatum tulum guayabo. Entre Tulum y Guayabo vivió Golman, el antepasado olmeca.

Golman, Martina, es un alter ego.

La literatura es así. Permite niveles de libertad. Tantos como el texto aguante. Estamos hablando de crear. Y yo he creado un monstruo. Y a los suecos, al menos 9 de ellos, les pareció poco afortunado. Los nueve suecos contra PiSpaM.

9 scared swedes against PiSpaM

It would be terrible to write an Opera with the charecter of your project coordinator as the villan in the story. Well, this is not your lucky day. It fucking is.

Horror swedish tales, presents.

That’s a break.

We all need a break.


It’s fucking literature.

The legacy.

The story we tell our selves. And you are in it. How are you going to start acting when the acting starts getting real.

A swede of some kind (I only know this nine cases, by no means this is a Statistics lesson from actuary). Don’t talk to me about mathmatics.

Good innovation should really piss you off. I mean really go off. Because you are being tested to the limit. And you can’t handle her limit. We have told to our faces what we believe. And she is the boss of the project of a community that we want to be trully for the people. I really feel like I have to break some rules to get system to finally crack. Cause that’s it right. You know it. I know it. Who’s still waiting. Anarchy scares you. Say it. I’m scared of PiSpaM.

It could have been my real name. It’s not weird to be called Golman in NEWSWE. That’s the new nation I wish to introduce to the escandinavians who would like to opt in into a community. Are willing to join HER platfrom?

You have a choice: A or B.

That’s the simples dilema.

GOLman’s theorem.

I’m going to do this by reduction to absurdity.

The highest level of understanding a ranversé.

I’m this play. That technique. That character. That’s my script. I’ll tell the story we are going to like to tell.


PiSpaM’s death.

The video game: who killed PiSpaM

That’s a unicorn.

I know the game.

I’ve just always played the radical innovation game.

You are adicted to your radical cause because we like the edge of chaos and the emergence that procedes.

This is the story I’ve always told.

But this time I’m telling it for real.

I’m here now spelling my guts.

Spilling, collons.

The hotest place in town.

It’s not a joint.

It’s a flow that flocks the night.

In nine diferent warrantied party style for the NEW believers in the NEW cause.

It’s a diferent calling. I’m prophet calling you. I’m a the word of my father. Who’s here with me, representing the common collective public task of assuming the leadership of a vice ministry of a great NEW nation: Tico Commons.

I’m a rebel. I’ve got a cause. I’m bigger than Dean.

Seb’s bro.

I like kids.

They’ve been good to me.

I like to play.

And I like the feeling of performing.

But I also like the solid effort of fighting for 9 games for my transformed nation. I mean, maes, ganamos el mundial. Está en el contrato. Yo voy a riesgo. Y ustedes vienen conmigo. Síganme los buenos.

Esos botones habrá que utilizarlos algún día. Conectarlos a algún sitio. Son nodos innertes. Durmientes. Esperando su momento para la interconexión a un sistema sensible social. ¿Cuál es el business case de este pedo?

Le pregunté Rossana si estaba dispuesta a hacerlo. Dijo que no. No le tocaba a ella. Peter y Martina lo están calculando. Con sus metodólogos expertos. La cámara dentro del ojo derecho de PiSpaM despega desde la montaña del Carmelo. Vino de más allá de la montaña. A dónde no hemos llegado. Somos de este valle. Antes que nadie llegara. Y vivir aquí era la polla. Qué os creeis vosotros que podéis hacer con la tierra. Aquí yo sólo; allá vosotros con esta gran ciudad al pie de la gloria continuar del bienestar de un pueblo sano. Error. No es así. Y a la vez, lo es. Es una paranoia que nunca te dejará contento. Porque siempre queremos más. Y el sistema de poder jerárquico, llamémosle, por adjudicarle una etiqueta, algo más allá que la inteligencia artificial. Así lanzada como un reto. Quién no enuncia inteligencia artifical o machine learning in las primeras nueve palabros de su discurso es un pinpin fuera del barrio NEW. Lo NEW es lo más. NEW mató a MÄS. Primero nos hicimos con la tilde. Y la convertimos en las dos cabezas más pequeñas del libro Olmeca de los multiversos.

999 dimensiones.

No llego a más. R999.

Escrito matemáticamente.

Con ese doble palo de la R.

La R espera para cobrar una falta. O al medio campo. Esperando a que volvamos a tener la pelota. Un nueve debe esperar. Esperar no es mi problema. Son otros los impacientes. Todos aquí hacemos nuestro trabajo. No vamos a tirarnos piedras a nuestro tejado. Vayamos a establecer una manera de liderar

How do you consider discrepancies should be handled in a community of practice?

Golman’s questions for common cause.

Now, you see, it’s not only my cause. I’ve make it our cause. And I still have a story to tell. And things are gona go beyond the systems capacity. It will reboot our surrealistic thrive to drown the cloudy inheritance of our white code of conduct for the anglican families and it’s athiestiest cousins. Capuletos vs Montesquieus.

The monster is a risk. Of the highest kind. It must not live. Kill it. It gets people in the wrong direction. I’m telling you. We’ve been told. I’ve completely misunderstood what it was. I got it wrong, they said. It’s not his name. It’s got no name. No branding for you stupid ideas. We don’t accept your aesthetics and rebelious spirit. Who do you think you are? This is not a one man show? I’ve been told that as if the game was only being played by me.


That was shouted at me. With frightned eyes.


Oh, my God.

Dear Lord,

People have lost their senses.

What to do about it.

We are seriously lost.

Some shit that’s happening… cinics.

It’s the fucking cinics again, Sir.

The Queen of England holds that power role: GOD-like dynasties. They know where their families come from. We do too. A little later. We’ve too made it. And now we are all interconnected.

Read the deliverable.

That’s all I say.

It’s public.

It’s shit I wrote.

Shit we wrote.

Shit some reviewers reviewed. And gave great feedback on. Trully on the money. For us to take and make it happen. What we set off to do. Just like I said we would. But you need to believe. And I’m searching for believers. I’m gona go live tonight. And say few words. Maybe a lot. I’m unlocking the marketing campaign that will forever change the world. In 99 days.


I’ve already started. But you are getting it on.

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