I’ve been given opportunities and I’ve not used them up properly

But no regrets. Life is great. It has taken me right here. And this is where this rudder set’s the right pressure into the waters to shift directions and slowly come out from this diminishing state of collective aknowledgment we so pittifully embrace. FUCKIT!

I am not up for it. And you are ready for me.

That’s why I am here.

That’s why I am comming.

WIthout a doubht.

You were expecting something else to be there. In life. As a true sense of belonging unfolds.

Gaze, your very own: Tico Commons.

We all have one. The holy unity of Tico Commons belongs to ALLS.

New values from an already complete nation. A fair enough example to little poor countries without great natural resources. A game we play. A culture we have proudly built with the work of our families. For generations of proud humanistic free citizens of tropical nature that makes us proud of who we are and the ancestors of our lands. They were just land. Mountains. Natural spaces. And people came and claimed property. So property became a thing. And titles too. Except they (some) burned the documents from the local civilizations just to make sure that they wouldnt’ play out with the new rules of the colonial empires that defended the rule of law. Or the bright star of a wise man king.

So, if kings still existed, we could still hold that we are kings ourselves. Don’t matter if you are a girl. You could be a ruler queen, you know, a king. A real king. Or even better: a surreal one.

GOLman Surreal KiN

The G move all the way to the back. Like that game we learned to play when we were young. And how we ran. And what we shared. And how all of that is greater that the belief on the existance of a God. Or an after life. We sure hope we last. We are truly blessed to be here. We are trully blessed to be breathing. I am the new belief. The true one. I am not just another one of the current ones around. I am NEW. All new. And that’s the blessing. We start from scratch. At a given pace. With your true soul. As keep on reading. Listening to the podcast option up there. A button you can click into. And the glorious time you have. Once you come in. Through my door…


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