Political liability

Our special situation.

Homo topic.

Humor to limit.

I got held up.

My family is a little strange. Your family is totally nuts. A mix up. Sweet little grandma and a mean character. I embarassed myself with that joke. The crasy guest who already think he is a part of the family. I play that role better than Owen Wilson. I could deliver a stunt like that in an old victorian house from one of the original 13 colonies.

A dick from a white house. A sister of the girl of your dreams. Owen Wilson’s dream. His character. Of course, he IS his characters. All of them. Or just one. Life lies there. In the risk of being Owen Wilson. A true Américan Hero. You know, from the American story. Somewhere in New Heaven. The way a players gets into the game. Faking it till you make it. You get love. No matter from what sort of family she comes from. That’s the biggest challenge. A boy from an under class playing with the parents and the family trip to the house.

The gay brother comes for you. You are Owen Wilson’s character’s wing man. Let’s play Tommy stick. Go to the closet. The secretary of states enters the room. You are tight up. The father coes to talk to you. It’s fucking Christopher Walken and you just fucked his daughter. He sees the painting from the son. He know his son is gay. And it’s a shame for him. The gay brother is playing psycho on his performance to score. The straight man’s nightmare. To fear being attacked by the ass. Assfucked.

Two scoundrils in a republican high shot’s house.

I could politics my way up. Up there. I could convice any

Rule number one: never leave a fellow crasher behind. I need the big guy. Stop being a pussy. Make a move. You know it. Quimosavi is going help you close the mess. Can I tell you something about being angry? I love you.

We got the bachelor party of a big class. The republican yound dick is also a fake faking it with the big guys. The big shots of the game. The real big players. The way you get up and into the game. The responsability performance of the fakers till they makers. Starbor is this way. Push this. Rope up. Rope down. You get things to move and to be safe. Locked up. You go with the wind. You need to play up in those fields. You can fake some things. But all big guys up there played their way through. We know what the game is all about and we get a ticket in.

The republican young boys are playing the hunting game. The big boys. You are into the game with hunting gear. Your are expected to perform like a boy. A man’s game. We are the adversary of someone playing the inside game. The wingman gets shot by the American Dickhead. You have to deal with them. They are everywhere. You have a way of looking at life. I have another one. That’s my otherness towards


So you are a venture capitalist.

It’s kind of boring. You get in the game and things sort of happen too fast and you live up to some position of priveledge that you don’t know if you deserve. I

Do you want full speed of half speed. She gets into it. A touching game. You are feeling the energy. She’s got a boyfriend. She’s liking you. And she is honest. She is suddenly talking about her current relationship. And she is givin a speech easy to refute. I could sell you something better. You deserve somebody great. You don’t want to talk shit about a sack of shit dickhead All American DICKHEAD.

Two of the great New Américan families. I think I am in love with her. I know something so bad I want it. All the way to the end. The story of Owen and the cute smart sister. The wing man story with the slutty little sister.

Have a little sacrament, padre.

Maybe I am a little crazy. I used to have a family friend when i was a kid. I know I am cooky. He goes up and kisses the priest. You are an enlightned man.

The follow up guy.

This is crazy. I don’t know.

They crash weddings. You are caught. Is that true? YES/NO. YES.

You are in shit. The game is over. This is how movies.

You are let to believe that the game is up.

You have been discovered.

You are a con artist.

She doesn’t dig a lie.


Two straight up insolent characters. The movie works better with mexicans.

Make the two characters nine.

Play a Tarantino Fellini Frías

You shoot me with your negativity. We are going to play another show. They are going to crash another party being a waiter. The jamaican man opens the door at your plan. A high life saloon party. El club the polo. The nemesis. A big daddy’s white man. Five of them against you. An honor display of masculinity. Life as it takes place.

You are an asshole. Two boy friends fight.

Vanilla shit.

Vanilla life.

Life for real is shit. You are down in the pit. Your life is a wreck. In everyway.

You are dissapearing. I feel so much like giving up. A crasher of weddings. Turned bad. She tries to play hot hands with the dick boyfriend. Crashing a party bad. I’ve been there. Soul searching. I am ready to take this to the next level. She goes for the trio. You know what you want you know what you want. The wingman has gone in the family. He is in. The power game functions as a paternal structure of power, buth the young affirmative hearts belong to themselves. They are free of making that choice. Even if its choosing a blue collar scoundril.

Crashing weddings alone. I feel really bad about what happened between us.

The wingman is getting married. He needs a best man. Another wedding. Hillbilly. White trash.

A late introduction character. For the last scene. You reveale a god.

Bring it in for the real thing. Goddam you. I live with my mau. How’s my protege. Believe it or not he is getting married. What an idiot. What a looser. I am just leaving the dream. I come in and I am. I met her in a funeral from his exboyfriend. Funeral’s are insane. The cheeks are super honey. Ma the meatloaf, fuck. I’ve got one on saturday.

There’s no way I am ready for that.

The best man.

I don’t believe this. The best man take his place and somehow get the girl by giving a last man standing speech at the wedding.

I could play that role and leave in a convertible pink cadillac with my girl and a the wedding couple. I am that character. Golman, servidor.

Only… I don’t show up.

That’s my thing.

The never shows up guy.

Until, he suddenly does.

Here I am.


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