UX revolution

User experience. Yes. You are an user. Allow yourself that much. And don’t be affraid.

We are here to save the world from the evil handling of Status Quo. So past that. The time has come for the definitive digital transformation. Every aspect of life. And still. Life will go on. As things will manage to addapt somehow. No matter what you believe. Or which fake news are targeted at you. You will go gently into the rabbit hole.

The game is still to be polished by the minds of a collective society in a circular motion. The actors don’t trust each other, especially on the other side of the our polar structure. We a spiked by our nemesis, and man, do we have several fronts open. It’s not my take to bring on a list of nemesis you should encounter face to face, but maybe they are already breathing on your neck. Like comunists flying around the mind of a capitalist fool. Like flies on pooh.

Digital transformation thus must take place in sincronicity with these times that are a-changing. We are seeing it now. We believe our collective melt down has brought us to some new scenarios. Let’s evaluate them and bring on a new scope. Nine new states of nature to begin with.

One of them would be UX. User experience. What’s the user going to demand in terms of diferent aspects in their life that «forever» will be transformed. This is a central point on how we go about delivering this change. Call me an optimistic. It’s just a beautiful time to be a part of such a colossal challenge. The quest of our generation. As a moment in history. As the pyramid, the population one, shifts. We will need a myth to straighten things up. A pyramid will do. It’s just about as global as the Internet, without all the paraonoia. O r better yet, with it, but in biblical terms.

User. A person who uses. Why should we use something? Why should we pick up a book? Why should we connect with a social media? Why should we turn on the tv? Why should we cook? Why should we exercise? Why should we connect with our loved one? Why should we ask questions? Why should we love? Why should we meet? Why should we tell stories? Why novels? Why me? Why now? Why God? Why pray? Why pay? Why work?

If you deliver a service that focuses on solving a problem, you are abandoning yourself to aknowledge a greater need. The need to help others. The need to put in somebody elses shoes to live that challenge like your own. That’s quite a task. And in this current situation, it’s a challenge that will transform you, at first, and then, those you are meant to touch.

So the user will be you. And them answering back. The experience of going together to a collective ideal. A global one. One in which we are understood by the amount of connectivity that allows us to move around the world in two dimensions of space-time: one in our physical surroundings, our neighbourhood, our city, our community, and another one, in our virtual capacity to be anywhere in the world, at this moment in time, and maybe, if you know how to, at any time someone stumbles upon you.

You calling.

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