UP-rAIHSe by GOLman

Hi, I’m Golman. UP-rAIHSe project evangelist. We are going on a journey: care to join us?

We’ll be a series of people working harmoniously around a collective goal: to find out hot to go from a challenge to an unmet need.

I know: we know. Unmet need…whaaaaaa………

It’s basically the problem. That’s it: a pain in the ass. What’s basically wrong. The thing we need to upgrade. The social places we should aim to approach. The new ways of upskilling society for the final transformation. The transformatión of we all: ALLS.

I love my job: I swear. And I’m good at it. I’ve worked myself of the pyramid of knowledge. And up there I found the meaning of life. In nine diferent levels. Nine different vibes. It’s like a dine dimensional state of nature you come up with. Filling in between the meaning of all those levels of freedom. Variables: independence. Mathmathical properties. The learning paths of the nine ways to edge of MATHLAND.


The new uskilling skills to mixlearnplay yourself to the top of your wishful thinking: resolved state for ALLS.

I am really not GOLman. Or well, I am. Let me say it right. I am a futbolartist, and all that. But my job now is to get with it. To play along. To play the game. I am back on track.

Don’t spoil it.

You think right.

Let’s make it fantastic. Don’t try to hard. Just perfom. Just do the show. Just make it happen. Whatever you are able to pull out. A live event thing. A happenning. Maybe it’s time people know you are trully an artist. And have a dialogue. A play. An opera. Or more: a soap opera. Local stories passed through the new grinder in town: GOLman, feedbackloopper NOU.



Un nou pur.

Hola, a tothom. Soc el nou d’un poble nou que porto sota la aixella. Como la torta bajo el brazo. La flor en culo. El duende. Su día. Flow. Ginga. Graçia.