Ricky Gervais and Seinfeld

Two big ones.

What makes them funny?

Theree’s always something happens. Of course, nobody is going to watch a show where nothing happens.

Not two people the same. Where are all the people the same? China, maybe.

I don’t what to do. That’s one the worst things you’ve ever say.

A comedian too cool, or too sexy. Driving in rolls roys.

Celebrities is a new class now. It’s quite american. There al always rockstars. Opera stars. Poets, artists… now it’s us.

Poverty… really low class. You give up on the letters half way you go.

Last time we have a fight. Jane and Ricky don’t fight.

It’s a good LOL.

Joyful you say it, not me. Certain culture are comedian, certain no. English has twice as many words as many other language. Povty. You never went to universtity.

If you don’t care what people. You don’t care who gets upset.

Hendnight. The bridal where they hid the bride widow. Don’t tell them. He should marry me. I’ve got vomit on me hair.

Where are going? Are going to Vermont?

Probably the Chinese. As a racist chinesse. I don’t believe it. Cause we are not racist. And certainly not against the chinese.

And I care… why?

You take the fake documentary away and the office is quite a boring show. A normal person trying to do something he’s not equiped to do. The blind spot. He’s trying to impress the camera. Why is anybody interested in a normal persons life. The comedy is in the impresing the audience of that disguise live. Everone will love me. I’m trying to be discovered. It brings it to life. That’s exactly what Golman needs. The fake documentary deal.

Seinfeld is AHA… that’s right. This guy is brilliant.

Comedy is normal guy, or garl, a normal prsn trying to do something the are not equiped to do. That’s what we laugh about. The bigger the blinspot, the more excited it is.

What does he mean about the blind spot? Looking right into the camera. Breaking the fourth wall. Is that it?

David Brent. Fake documentary format. He says something to the camera, and then, we can see that’s not not true.

But what if it was true. That’s the point in Golman’s selection. That’s why I have to deliver a script that might other wise be all about the bit. And then we deliver the results. The faked ones, with those blind spots in it, and then the obtained ones, as if by chance the office got some big wins. Unió Atletico d’Horta, or FC Barcelona, get to pursue further from this minor character’s ambition to conquest the everest of futbolart: to play again the sport with the local club.

Very brilliant.

Why do you like the V shirt. It makes me look like I have a neck.

Comedic trait I’d like to have. The humanity of Laurent Hardy. I pause the show. Nowadays you can do that. That killed cinema according to Peter Greenaway, back in 1983. You mess with continuity. The show’s been paused. I want to know what Ricky Gervais means by giving away one of his big secrets: who’s he stealing his comedy from? So I write what I hear: Laurent Hardy. He must really be funny. Only, right before I pause I hear: those two idiots where trying to prove they were more idiot than the other. Or something like that. Two idiots? Two people. How do you fit two people into one name: Laurent Hardy.

I said I paused it, right? So I did. I google Laurent Hardy. Something weird came up. Some officer from the EU. Nope. So I tried something else: Laurent Hardy comedy. That should do it.

Laurent Hardy comedian images search

Ohhhh…—I said to myself, as I’ve unveiled the secret: «El gordo y el flaco». Never ever in my life had I questioned that the name of these two characters was that one. It was coming from their English name, certainly: «Fatso and skinny», or the like. But it wasn’t the case. Laurel & Hardy, I guess those must be their names, huh. Characters have names. And sometimes the show’s name is the character’s name, right Seinfeld? Of course. I don’t know if in the case of the Spanish version the characters ever call themselves by their names, of if the keep assuming that they relate to each other by calling themselves: Gordo and Flaco.

So Ricky, the fatso, and Jerry, the skinny. They’ve introduced themselves into these dual character bit. It certainly works methaphorically. I don’t know if that was the intention, nor is it my intention to call Mr. Gervay that, as if he wasn’t aware. He’s certainly powerful enough to mitigate such a petty blow, plus he’s got enough cushion to dissipate the energy. And you don’t want to mess with Mr. Gervay by calling him anything cheap, as he might comeback with something that he’ll bury you in front of the world without pitty. The crushing from a Lord from the upper bouroughs. Certainly you don’t want to get under the skin of someone you admire and laugh with. That’s the kind of mistake that get’s you excluded from the pack. But, hey, he’s not really thin skinned, in that way.

Who in the translating committee decided to go for «El gordo y el flaco»?

Ricky’s laugh is a bit itself. It’s hillarious. Like Mozart’s. Or so we think.

As you get to punch line you can’t think about something. Hitting a golf ball. You could be interrupted at the beginning, but not at the end.

Fight for freedom of speech. You don’t understand. I know the holocause was bad. I know aids was bad. So, you agree with Hitler? It’s not so much what he said. Terrybly things. Raw and sensitive. The joking about it you don’t like. It was what he did. If he’d just said… Everyone agrees with freedom of speech until they hear someone they don’t like.

A final ending. Hate crime. Will they leave the China joke. Risking ofending one billion people. All looking the same.

If someone doesn’t like the joke… they are funny enough to make you life. They would love you to laugh at their joke. Can take your apendix out? We are not that important? Aren’t we?

Someone standing in front of the tv.

Hamstead like an oligarc. Try oligarc on your toast.

Smuck. Penis idea. Stupid. I’m going here. I’ve got a new idea. Penis getting slammed. That’s a cartoon idea.

English Tudor crap.

Pastry patronizing. It’s a bad thing in conversation, but not bad in business, or in the arts. As a patron. Interesting?

Idea for a sketch. Auzwitz, 1934. Her commandant. Follow the joys of Christsmas, you may go. I don’t celebrate Xmas. One guy on the back react by taking the hand in his face.

I wrote Auzwitz like that. I forgot how to write it properly. Not proud about it. Nor was that my fault. I was introduced to Holocaust in Karachi. Mrs. Kachmar. I might have misspelled her name too. That’s two ofences. For not knowing right. For learning halfway. How much should we know about the holocaust? When should we start to be introduced about it? About Anne’s age? How is that holocaust story relate to us? As human beings? As member of this society? As our ________ nationality? I felt it was important. Ever since, WWII has been an inconclusive learning experience that cannot be completely understood by films. Or could it?


Greatest joke ever. A holocaust victim comes to Heaven and meets God. Without hesitating explains a Holocaust joke. God doesn’t like it. He doesn’t laugh. That’s not funny, He says. And the holocaust victim says: «Oh well, I guess you had to be there».

It’s not Ricky’s joke. He’s heard it. Now it’s become a thing that’s been magnified by him remembering it. He goes on about the scenarios of the joke. If God think He was there, why did he just stay still? If He wasn’t there, where is His omnipresence? Where is God’s free will? Since he is there at all times, he’s still there, in the holocaust, as it takes place in another time-space dimension. Must He be judged by that? Should there be a Holly Trial in the Judgement day mirroring Nurember, in a diferent celestial estate? Certainly not, according to Ceasar.

Praying to the God who didn’t stop the holocaust.

The chances of us being us. 1/400.000.000.000. Like a dog in a car.

As long as no one’s hurt, I like the biggest possible disaster.

Pollution warning: stay in your house.

Hot eyeballs.

The Ricky. 400.000€. Have you run out of things to talk about?

Picture of baby Hitler.

There he is… in the bottom right corner: Ricky.

Psi-fi. You go back to strangle baby Hitler.

Surviving 12 minutes after a modern collapse.

Full body cast.

All those things about the Chinese. You can’t help what you think. You can help what you say.

That’s good. Do that again. I can’t.