Es rojo y de la roja

Mentira; ticatalàn

El arte de ponerse ahí en dónde te estás jugando el fuera de lugar. Pero sabes que lo tienes. Es espacio, su dominio, es del nueve hacia el gol. Este número, esta jugadora, es la frontera. El futbolarte es femino; acaba con «e» pero es una excepción antiwoke.


This people are afraid. The think their morals have collapsed. And they don’t want to lay down their weapons. All of them. There; gunloving NEW américans. Maybe not. You don’t get to be one of us. That’s something you’d think. That’s something you’d argue. For me not to be allowed to your country. No so fast. Show what you got? Good immigration morals. The way you think about your threats in life. We need to talk. And open the game some more. Enough of your petty morals and tasteless approach to individualism kingdom of neoliberalism. The world in which we play to be rich. We are playing your own unfunctional system. Stop. Step down. Lay down. Chill out. Bill hit the damn thing.

GOLMAN is not who says he is

Let me tell you. You’ll hear it from me first. I’m going to say this even when it pays, in this current state of affairs in the widest multiverse, to lick on Golmans balls as a symbol to keeping the balls green, as they are supposed to be. So touch elsewhere, please. My balls are not for your palpitation or carressess. Licking balls is fine. Totally acceptable. Knock yourselves out. People, chill. People, chill. People, chill. People, chill. People, chill. People, chill. People, chill. People, chill.

GOLman’s campaign

This shit is going down. It’s a matter of time. On the other side of this. Through your eyes. Through your eyes. Through your eyes. Through your eyes. Through your eyes. Through your eyes. Through your eyes. Through your eyes.

Open agora debate right after the game

This futbolartist is getting all the attention on the collective transformative narrative this guy is bringing to the surreal worldcup we are having. How could this not be Golman’s opportunities to compete in the saving the futbolart side of world NEW history?

Active engagement user experience

You, my friend, can provide me with this last blast towards flying right away to Qatar to defend the NEW nation that takes me as a futbolartist evangelist in the quest for the tranformation of time and space as we speak. Havieng this little countdown in every of the nine games that I am going to be playing in Qatar the next 99 days straight form the wholy royal sacrad family of God Fathers olmecan relatives who HE himself had forsaken for the reason to introducre now a revision on their end of history, beginning the story in 1492 to feedbackloop with present time to live here a trajectory of what happend back in that timeframe dual antagonist away green NEW deal by Golman himself, the alternative NEW option for the Costa Rican National team to convey the dream of this NEW tropical nation: Tico Commons. The future begins today, here, NAW. NEW. ALLS.

Feedback loopper trainning sets

La AI que domina esta obra se mece entre este momento, el día en el Golman debuta en el mundial, y el resto del tiempo entre 1492 y 2022. Ahí se encierra la otra dirección de este mismo trayecto. Nomás que ahora visto hacia atrás. A partir de este momento. Como si de un desenlace rebuscado de una de esas películas que le gustan a los cinéfilos que van a las muestras de cine, los abonados a la Filmoteca Nacional de Ticataluña. Vaig a fer el meu set de nou. I tornem a començar!!!!!!!!!


Un set de seis.

Te evitas el némesis.

Pero también el desenlace pleno final.


¿Y del otro lado qué hay?

Ya no hay más………

¿Qué más da? – en arameo. Desde la cruz. Golman en la cruz. Suspira esto antes de marchar.


Un bis cúbico