How to structure you life

What you need to do to start feeling good

Life is this. Today. Right now. The way you are. They way you are feeling. The hopes you hold within your heart to do today. The people you meet. The things you talk about. The time you shared. The food you eat. The exercise you fit in. The passion you posses. The values that hold you up. The life that’s been dealt to you. The game you play. The presence of your consciousness. The wounds that heal and still keep the memory of that strain. The actions you start. The cicles you go through. The wishes you pursue. The quest you unveil. The cause worth standing for. The trust you hold. The faith you breath. The impulse you take. The height you reach. The strike you blow. The blow you take. The stand you hold. The call to action. The shout worth risking. The silence you veil. The compassion you build. The attention you pay. The active listening. The virtous compliment. The real deal. The surreality trust. The possitive thinking. The will to fly. The careful landing. The resistance to the odds. The belief in the vision. The hope you build. The example unveiled. The humble retreat. The obsession with peace. The absence of violence. The book read. The art produced. The legacy stacked. The caution addressed. The fear surpassed. The barrier behind. The written thought. The spoken word. The kind gesture. The gentle renounciation. The passing bird. The inner voice. The intense desire. The joint communion. The final wisper. Don’t stop………ALLS.