I died again just now

I swear I did. It happened again. It’s true.

I’ve save the final deed. Cause I woke up just in time.

But I has heading there.

I felt the cold hand from her.

Again in my chest and in my throat.

It’s another day I gain.

I don’t know why.

I’ve been given time.

And I’m so prone to waste.

I’ve just been going round.

Like if it’s not up to me.

To be a thing to care.

I’ve been wondering about a new post.

Maybe I’m given another chance.

A chance to help.

A chance to make a change.

A chance to be on a team.

A chance to score a goal.

A chance to be there.

A chance to make a stand.

A chance to dig my feet on sand.

A chance to dream big.

A chance to sleep.

A chance to die again.

Like I’ve just did.

I’ve just died again.

I trust you know I care.

I’ve been here long.

I’ve taken care of things.

Or really not, but hey.

I’ve got a chance today.

If I wake up again.

From this tilted scafold.

I’ve got just one more thing.

Did I say I had dream?

I’ve just scaped from death again.

I think I have some skills.

Please, note, I’ve been free.

I couldn’t charge your a fee.

But yet, again, I must survive.

Cause I’ve just cheated death.

And she ain’t too happy with me.

As I am sure she’s anxious.

To have that bite she’s been taking.

And one day she will.

But not today she wont.

Cause I’v just scaped her rod.

Still my heart is burning.

Still the beat keeps flowing.

As I’ve just fool her poorly.

Cause nothing scapes her claw.

She’s so delicate and refined.

As well as understanding with my pace.

I’ve just wasted little time.

Wondering if I am worth another life.

Doing something out of wonder.

Like writing freely in the dark.

Or yonder out there in the sky.

In which of those stars to land.

A final stand from where to see.

If you are still looking up.

Asking yourself why we are here.

If it’s not yet this the answer.

Then go and search a little more.

As the night is young before four.

But it is not ethernal.

Not tonight at least.

So keep your spirit on for this adventure.

As you’ve got the night ahead to conquer.

It is only those who wonder.

That get to suck the marrow of this bone.

Once you’ve tasted life out at the edge.

When everyone else still sleep.

You may pick up the pace one bit.

As this night is just for lovers.

Those who love in every awe.

A sigh of relief and hope.

A look into those eyes.

I sip of joy and trust.

A bust into the dancefloor.

A gentle pull around your waist.

A feeling good inside yourself.

A lockdown inside this moment.

That seems to never end again.

At least tonight we didn’t die.

Let’s give ourselves a chance.

Let’s make of this instant life.

As there’s nothing else I rather do.

Than being here.

Closer to you.

I’ve just cheathed death.

To spent this last breath with you.

I close my eyes.

You are gently here.

Within my grasp.

I’ve come to peace.

As here I am.

Out of myself.

In this.