Día 9: I want to be all things in one


You know when you are thinking outside the box, right? You have heard that cliche. So have I. So there needs to be a box. That box is in your head. It’s your brain. You need to step out of your brain. Be an outsider and look at yourself from that perspective. I know. It’s hard. And a metaphor.

But really. That’s what it takes. You need to think it. Everything. And you need to go out of your brain to see it. It’s what duality needs. Another line of thought. One that makes you go higher. All the way up.

You know Inside out too.  The movie. Joy. Sadness. Disgust. Fear. Rage. All those guys. It seems joy has the handle of must buttons in the machine. But really, it takes an epic trip to rewired the system and get the tech guys to come fix you command. So the go outside the box. And live that epic story.

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