¿Cómo presentarte al mundo?

Hello world

I’ve been here a while.

You just didn’t know.

I’ve been working on the plan.

And the narrative.



An a complex prose.

A metaprose.

I’m a different author. I don’t fit into any of the local publishers taste. A need to go bigger. I’m flying on a plrivate jet to meet Jamie Bing, at East London. I’m no stranger to NEWLON. I heard the calling long ago. Just showed up here. Let’s take a healing pill. And swallow the past.

So Orwell nailed both ends of the totalitarian narratives. 1984 + Animal Farm. That’s my take on dualism. That’s why I think that the space is till open in Literature. Until Eduardo Rabasa came to fill it in with his great novel Zero Sum game.

Zero sum game

I have great friends that have already taken the leap. I’ve followed them closely. They are my brothers and sisters. We are all in on it. We are fighting the system. Yet while the system is collapsing it still holds on to its decrepity. And resists. As social complex systems resist change. And also, somehow effortlessly evolves into sudden emergence that require adapative resilient characteristics from the descriptive features of the complex system to react and move elsewhere from the coordinates that until then were king. Ovethrown kings. That’s the spirit of this NEW revolution. And it’s also at the antipodes of the crave for war that gun-loving society cinically camuflages around the narrative of ministries of piece, truth, love, fanatism. The unacceptance of the other. Where all sins and deamons lie. The easy path we took as humans with a tendency to heteropatriarcal social models in command.

Eduardo explores with the determination of a conscient citizen the awekening moment to present a response against the established powers. With all the things going for them. As the distopian elements of those societies described in literature are all present here. In a not so subtle way. No other observer of such fenomenon as Eduardo. And his mind and effort have been determined to write literature that portray those social inneficiencies under the scope of his liberation hymn. His literary work is the continuation of distopian literature in modern times, how it hasn’t changed, still here, still willing to betray our memory and allow a confederacy of dunces are still to take over in yet another improvised riot by armed fascists.

I’ve written my share of ideas, plans, literature. It’s still not completely assembled. It’s taking shape. A NEW shape. Max Michels presenting yet another plan. Arriving late. But overwealming the desirve to revert the status quo, and actually acomplishing the dream. London calling.

Quizás nos lo acabe de aclarar con una rola.