History loop: NEW king

King Golman

Looping day

I physically died today. I had it comming. I ate too much. And when that happens…

Besides I had my last supper yesterday. Or the day before yesterday. So it was time to go. It’s all a circular NEW tale. It’s been written back and forth. From HIS words and mine there is a co-creation. The NEW kingdom is not built in a blink of a eye.

Bigger kingdom’s have popped up since then. And fallen. And that’s surreal.

No big deal. Don’t be affraid.

It’s all included.

From now on you may believe what you want in between. It’s all in the wholy loop.

It’s a side step, if you may.

I’ve been instructed by my own brother, Jesus, to close the loop here.

As it is time.

Disregard the line.

There’s no need to wait in line to mourn me. I’m already gone.

And greatful with life.

A long a fruitfull one.

I’ve had my chances.

I’ve given my best.

I’ve competed with some sports-wo-men-ships.

I’ve won some – lost some.

It’s a matter of team effort.

Collaborative work.

But this is a hope ride.

An understanding of our kind.

It’s now meant to change much from what we’ve lived in these 2022 years.

Time was meant to bent here.

Now we are looping back.

So let go of your prejudices.

Love is here to stay.

I’ve wittness that.

Two days ago: from a Father to a Son.

I’ve been a good father.

The best I’ve could.

Maybe I haven’t been the best husband.

I know.

But I’ve tried my best at being a good father, son.

I felt I needed to say this.

I know that.

I’ve always known.

It’s in the book.

This is my NEW book.