Infography learning

This is an eureka moment.

You can learn through several diferent ways. Books, for starters. But you can also learn from well executed condensed imagery. As if we could learn something from a Dalí painting. By focusing on the details. By mearly looking. And opening up to what that brings into your social knowledge. That’s when I knew there’s a new way of learning: infographing.

I am expert in NEW language. We’ve been in 1984 for quite some time now. It better be time to speed up the race and find ourselves within this social system that’s looking down upon us. As is now time.

The search for Dalí surrealista brings you some visual answers.

What we search for seems to be the key factor on our knowledge formation. We might not even be searching anymore as we are getting all our input from other sources. Like books, for readers. Or social media, for the greater base. Books vs social media battles. I can’t hardly wait for some of these ideas to really emerge. Once they come our of my mind and deliver some shaky shaky moves onto the NEW world.

But think on how the result changes from altering what you are searching for. Imagine instead of looking for «Dalí surrealista» you search for «Dalí paintings». Would the result be much diferent. Probably not. But it’s just a mere result from the accumulation of data and labeling strategy from a numerous amount of sources, and the special salsa Lizano that Google might have had the intention to spice up that specific search you were aiming at. Let’s take a look:

«Dalí paintings» search brings out some of the same results, and some NEW ones.

The result is diferent, and the same. Still three melting clocks. That seems to be the front of Dalí’s representation to the world. That’s what a Simpson’s cartoonist would take to represent surrealism from this specific source. We are drawn into it. We could try to get more specifi, but in this case, that’s not relevant, nor the point. Not even Dalí is the point. Nor surrealism, no matter how central both are. The imagery would be how and what you would be able to learn from a representation of concepts in a single canvas. And how much of that could represent a learning experience.

Infography learning is much more simple than that. It’s to be able to learn from the result of users/experts making complex concepts into popular visual search results on any given search engine. We go to google because we rely on their algorith, like white on rice, or like a catholic on a holy mary. Maybe we are biased. Maybe we don’t even know. But how do make our search significant?

We search for what we can learn to make a better life experience. A bigger wider view. A wholy flow. Or a holy guacamole.

So how did I come accros infography learning. My man oceanoinfierno: one more time.

Google doubts: you meant «Oceano Infierno»

Oceanoinfierno is a bigger than life character on the net. He’s one of the most influential voices of my time. And we’ve wondered around public space in the search for higher quest. Like an alternative world rather than just mearly following the path of the sheep back to the farm. Somehow we got out of the maze a long time ago. And we doze off searching for a true sense of what and how we should give back to a NEW society. And, as usual, we failed.

We first tried to change the system from inside. To play the cards of innovation and development like they were being played by the rulers of the status quo. And we taught the system. We played right into them. And that knowledge helped others push up their boundaries. And we were kicked out, in my case, and elevated, in his. But he stepped out. He was kicking it with the major league rulers. As they found his NEWspeak useful. And they understood the future of their adapting system. And used him as a tool, as we are used by the system. But he said no. And dropped the mic.

We went into serveral intents of social change. We’ve always been driven to change the status quo. Upside down. That’s the search we’ve been digging for. First we unocent, though unogonu, and then with socialzheimer. Then, years later, with supercuidadoras. All of the social networks. All of them some sort of platform. All of them never saw the light. We are beta negative.

So we are back to zero. Back to the drawing board of society. Like society, as a whole, once again. And we are aiming for the greater change. The systemic reconstruction. Adaptive collective systems poping up to reach an iterated NEW estate. Still: same goal.

So Alex send me a voice message: dude I know how we should be doing our projects: UX and desing thinking. Learn about it. Take a webinar. It’s our time.

So I googled: user experience. And then: eureka. Infography learning. I can identify from the images of very widespread topics like UX the knowledge framework therein. And I could then try to intake the selflearning mechaninsms to understand that big picture that has already been layed out for me in those infographies. So in a glimpse, and further study process, I can become an expert on that topic, probably faster than anyone else who hasn’t been trying to change the world during the last 9 years. Or 12. I lost count, as I lost myself, from that given path I was supposed to have taken, but too decided to leave behind.

So this is what I got:

UX is user experience. Let’s digg into that. And let’s bring on a NEW system.