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So I stayed. I didn’t feel like taking that risk. You know. Risk aversion is a topic in the new CV. I can come up with all these lessons to learn in risk class. New risk. And take the math course of a lifetime. Invited guests from my faculty, mathmatics, Economics and General Studies: ideas, problems and history. And throw in Vucetich and Jovita. We have ourselves our team of futbolartists. A think that could convert and old crazy house into a meca of neoliberalism and now the meca of the NEW system. A NEW carreer opened up this phantom semester. You can get a complete education in just nine levels. And it could take you just the time we got to educate a whole humanistic society grasping at eterninty all together as single human flow. Much more rewarding than overshadowing the diferences that escalet into xenofobic feelings towards the others who carry the pest of our current state of misery. Look within your heart. You’ll find your nemesis. You’ll find your scapegoats. And you’ll see where your family stands. And you’ll feel close to the pack. Normal. It’s your hunting skills showing up to defend your family from the greates disastrous outcome: my death, or that of any one of my family, in the great extension of the sense of altogetherness.

That new family is the newes concept in the NEW model: WEW. The family that links us to the whole system. And how that concept takes over. Take this and come here to this living lab you are going to produce with random 99 people at any given time available to enter the group. In ethernal browning motion.