Random 99 things to write about

I’m gonna follow the advice of Dickie Bush (@dickiebush) which is a twitter star with a method for writting threads that are generous and explicative as to how to write, and that sort of thing. Of course I’m falling right into the rabbit hole. That’s the point. I’m gonna follow the rabbit this time. Nos just stand there and stare at the goddam hole. I’m ready to digg in. I’m going to be out there in the arena. And my thoughts and ideas are going to command my transformed relationship with a legion of readers: the audience.

So let’s start by changing a little bit the rules. I’m going to follow the tip partially. Just to try to make an adaptation to my narrative. The truth is this guy has a point and a method that I’m going to replicate. That’s what success looks like in the web nowadays. You follow the trend of those things that work. Very little innovation here. It’s just speaking the same language. And that’s a bit dull, but it’s what gets the massive attention. Massman. That’s the goal. Niche, but towards the building of an audience quest.

But let’s keep it (su)real.

Let’s not aim to Dickies 100 ideas. That’s way to conventional. That’s rounding up a little too much. That’s mainstream. I’m going to cut back one. That’s it. It’s a twick, I know. A tinny little difference. Almost the same. But it’s tha frontier what want to be pointing at. It’s my point. That unique difference. Unity. It will all make sense. You’ll see.

Let’s start then with the 99 list of ideas to write about. Let’s give Dickie’s suggestion a local adaptation: Golmans 99 topics:

  1. 99 lists.
  2. 9 as daunting number.
  3. Trinity is not one.
  4. Math and art as mirrors of the same pulse.
  5. Reduction to absurdity forum.
  6. Incomplete things.
  7. Reverse direction of time.
  8. Complementary excuses.
  9. Redudancy galore.
  10. 99 notebooks I wrote.
  11. 99 post from the past.
  12. 99 podcast.
  13. Editing your art.
  14. Preproduction I Production I Postproduction
  15. 3 and 9
  16. 6 and 9
  17. Uno
  18. Numbers matter
  19. Math as privilege and a journey
  20. Excel madness
  21. Programming literacy
  22. Machine learning again
  23. Complex system obsession
  24. Notes at the edges of books
  25. 99 pages with decoded visual material
  26. Messages in a bottle within my art
  27. Talking to myself
  28. The art of being someone else
  29. The performance as quest
  30. Happening matters
  31. Stand up comedy act
  32. 9 second clips
  33. 9 word poems: better that kaikus
  34. 9 dimensions
  35. Driving people mad
  36. Triggering reactions
  37. Unexplained influences
  38. Overwelming time
  39. Self awarness today
  40. The act of laughter
  41. Storytelling anecdotes
  42. Anecdoting storytelling
  43. Saying something in one direction and back: back direction of something once said
  44. New ideas
  45. NEW
  46. Political campaings and scams
  47. The cinics in the room
  48. The triumph of dickheads
  49. Dickie’s got a bushy dick
  50. Games with words
  51. Language hopping
  52. HoPInN(s)
  53. Logos and design
  54. Futbolart
  55. Caribean evangelist
  56. Journey walk
  57. Walking the talk: talking the walk
  58. Time in both directions
  59. Zero dimension
  60. Olmeca head
  61. Olmeca today
  62. Stories fo our history lessons
  63. Transformative influences
  64. School learnings
  65. Impact: surreal vs real
  66. Chasing other peoples dreams
  67. Framework architecture
  68. Space and functional design
  69. Out of the box… what box?
  70. Evangelist in the market
  71. Concepts and shit
  72. New tendencies you should know about
  73. Community outbreak
  74. We are all selling something
  75. How capitalism ruined me
  76. How capitalism made me
  77. How neoliberal higher education can still be redeemed
  78. Dealing with PhD’s
  79. Ego wars
  80. Politicians careers: the path of the psychopaths
  81. Exclusion
  82. Jumping on a bandwagon and pirating the quest
  83. Other peoples quest
  84. Tico commons
  85. NEW state
  86. NEW spain
  87. Ticataluña
  88. Xavier y Mario
  89. My friend’s book
  90. 9 manuscripts rejected
  91. Storytelling failure
  92. The end of era
  93. The fall
  94. Cycles and motion
  95. 99 days performance
  96. 7 world cup games
  97. As good as it gets
  98. I’ve already said that
  99. ALLS

That’s a whole new series to begin with. I have now a framework. Let the NEW writings begin.

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