The Big Lebowsky

The Dude en Los Ángeles. The laziest in the county. Candidate to be the laziest in the world then. Sometimes there’s a man. A broke man. Bush father on tv. We have to figure out where we are set. Then a chinese in your house. You don’t see him. They are goons. They stick your head in bathroom. Camara on the floor. The chinese pi in the rug. You got the wrong dude. The toilet seat is up, man. Do you see a ring. Obviously you are not golfer. Wasn’t this guy supossed to be a millioner. He’s just a looser.

The Big Lebousky only shows in screen then. A bowling back cámara shot. A follow balll camara. Then co foot. Take out. Half panza daance. Gordis negro slam the un lado a otro: to kill a split.

A fall back bowl after bowl guys and girls. Clean shoe shot fliying. Ou, by the best: Donny. Where you listening to the dude’s story? Unchecked aggresion. The chinaman who peed in your rug. Draw a line in the sand. Across this line: the limit concept.

The chinaman is not the issie. It’s the other guy the got you confused with. It’s normal you get like Dr. Goodman. That’s your name, dude. Golman. They pee on your fucking rug, man.

Jeffrey Lebowsky. The respecful rich old man. The white private secretary of the wealthiest man around. Lebowsky is dissabled. Says a Harvard white boy by

Without the necesary needs for higher studies. You never went to cl. Time. Man of the year. Right when you are confesing you did fall that low and ran some operations here and there. Some went better than others. The story is about the Dude and the white rich mans. I just want to understand this. I’m not trying to scam anybody. Are you employed, Mr. Lebowsky. I’m not Mr. Gallo? Don’t call me that way. Call me Golman.

Your revolution is over, Mr. Golman.

Get a job, sir.

The old man told me to take any rug in the house. Then you meet the preety wife of the fat dickhead you just had the pleasure to deal with. Are you sure he won’t mind? Oh, you are bunny. I’ll suck your cock for a hundred dollars. Oh, haha, she is funy. The secretary’s laugh. To cover up her willingness to suck for 99 bucks. That’s what I am talking about. That’s my price. I will define a price theory, what did you expect: I am fucking acturial scientist, do you fucking mind, _________________ .

I just let you fill in the blank your favorite cuz word: someone/thing you love to detest.

Some of the aggresive white fucks pulls out a gun.

Understand the macho theory crossed with dickheads you missuse one.

Waving the fucking gun around. Think that’s normal. Why do you fucking carry a gun. Shit, man.

White russian drink. Stolisnaya con esa mierda blanca. El pelón rarito. Rent guy. The person you owe. The one who can take you to court. And you

Martial art robe scene. Rich man in front of a gotico high ceiling from New Barcino.

Dude. I don’t know, sir.

Is it doing the right thing. Yeah, that and the birth testicle. Do you mind if I do a joint. I do that. You look like a…. gallo encendido. Randsome note from a newdfana chida de tu adolescencia en el sur entre los montes del Ajusco, el Tepeyac, el Popocateptl, el Iztackihuatl, puuuuuuuuutos.

Entra Jesus. Baile hacia atrás. Entra guitarra gitana con cantaor caminando hacia el beso a Buscemi. La mano y vuelta al diálogo de dos cuates, y otro en el sillón de al lado. Cómo, ¿por qué?

Las viejitas de rosado que siguen yendo a jugar a los bolos. Juntas. Unas veces a la semana. Clubes. You look for the person who will benefit and you will find the. Ulianov. That makes me fucking sick. I did not watch my buddy died in the war to …

Are you ready to be fucked, man.

Well yeah, that’s just your opinion, man. Pull the fucking .

You said it man. Nobody fucks with the Jesus. That’s the name of my band.

Enter Nobody fucks with the Jesus.

Fly like Lebowsky. Simple city dron scenes. My flying into a camara. Carpet flying chic. Down to earth, you are falling all of the sudden. The ball rolls on top of you and you enter the ball. Bolos vuelan. Then you are gone. Waking up from your ride. And mine are more poetic. Flying around up and into the air. The look of the dude, those shorts, those avarcas, the v shirt with that green color, and a lighter blue Santos sudadera.

No brainer, dude.

You are right, dude. Why should we settle for 20 grand when we can keep the entire business. We are going to raise the roof on this operation. We are breaking the internet. Dude, are you fucking us up. What the fuck is going on? Walter, you fucking on. We are fucked, Walter. Nothing is fuck. They are a bunch of fucking amateurs. And they all are. We all are. That’s the ecuation. And then your movie makes it big time. You brake the Internet like Ralph. With that sense of humour. What links today, year nine, with nive years ago. Not ten. Why are you sucking ten’s dick?

Walter and The dude. Walter jumps off the car and let the Dude for his destiny to die. The Dude cheats death. The tradeoff is a disaster. You fucked up. Somebody is going to want to kill you for what just happened today. What kind of shit am I in? How the fuck did we get here? She is going to die. They are going to kill her. Why would the Dude be responsible. He got the operation crew to do the pickup as you imagine a thing like that is delivered. But you just doing it like you’ve seen it in the movies. The Dude doesn’t get the support he needed from his pals at the bowling alley that Cantinflas is looking at in NEWDF.

Dude, where is your car. It was parked in the invalidos and got taken by the police. Or some of the fuckers. Public servants. The Dude has a visit from the police. And a negro oficcer and Larry Bird show up to question you. I’m unemployed. What do you do, sir? The answering back. The Dude is not here on the machine. My voice recorded. In those machines. 99 Machines with my message to be taped and never erased. The will come out like poems into the

The royal we.

That’s what we are talking about. Intead of blaming me. Blabbering about. Information I’ve got. You are goint to love to hear it. And you will pay me money for it. That’s my job. I opperate like this. She’s got to feed the monkey. That has not occur to us, dude. That’s what you pay me for. Can you give me the 20 thousand in hand. We received this this morning. Since you have stolen my money. They will come for you. I’ll tell them you stole their money.

That wasn’t her toe dude. So far, what appears to me. That’s not her fucking her fucking to. Slam the hand. Una bachita con pinzas. Hey, this is a private residence, man. Squirril, uron, in the baath. Easter goons with a cricket bat.

Are you going to find this guys. Do you have some leads? The policeman makes up a scene where we pretends to be connecting with the high tech labs that CSI plays on their fricking shows. They have been feeding you a story. And you have eaten the whole meal. It’s a happy, meal fools. Check your nuggets.

I need my fucking Jonhson. Fuck the tournament, Walter. Common, let us get a lane.

How are you doing there, dude. Sometimes you eat the bar, sometimes the bar eats you. Is that some kind of easter. I like your style. I Take it easy dude. Call for you, dude. A set of circumstances that takes you to a sacred set of places with the weirdest characters in town. Barcelona chairs. What do you do? You mean vagina. You remeber Uli. What the fuck is with this guy. A laughing dude in the Barcelona chair. A video artist. I have to take this. Dime something. Riendose de una mamada mexicana como se ríen una mexicana y su cuatacho gay videocreador. Estar en esos sitios. Con esas irrupciones. Arreglamos la situación que se nos presenta mañana. Hoy pues. Ahora. Te mueves por la ciudad. Con la bachita. Se te cae. Chocas. Obvio. La irresponsabilidad de el Duderino. That’s not cool Dude. Who is he? Script. Paper. Light shadow performance. A theather. Empty show. A true heroe in stage. Shut the fuck up, Donny. Welcome to series. Not exactly lightweight. Our fucking troubles are over, dude. If this operation roles. The kid spent all the money. The car. Pilar. Walter and Jeffrey Lebowsky. Little Larry. And a good day to you too sir. Is he still right? Sir, I just want.. Son, this is what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass. You see, what happens Larry. Get back angry american. Oye como va, mi ritmo. French fries and big size soda. No more window on the car. You get to smash them. Two cars. 

Your friends get you in trouble. The beach with a decent fire by the ricks. A rich man’s operation house. Beach house. Modern architecture. The story of how you ended up getting another drink. Goons are calling you in. And you must deliver with the big wolves. I’m ready. I drink my drink with people who know how to serve it. The dickman discovery. NO problemo, man. If I find your money. What’s in it for the dude. Your money has been hold by a thirteen year old due. Write me a check. Fifteen year old kid. Something on the drink you served me. The dude is out. 

Up the real narco guy. His goons behind. You are under they slavery. 

Jacky Threhorn presents the dude. Gutterballs. You are thinking of dick and balls. Your have been dancing in Peter’s studio. Saddam hands you your shoes. You get down the stairs like the Dude. Dance but cha cha cha. Left, right. Typical Rocking like a porno star. My condition. The floor is chess, Elizondo. Open legs. I just walked in to see in what condition my condition was in. That sort of rythm. That sort of party. That sort of surrealism. Red suits, tight, chasing you with big scisors. You chase the amera over a green screen. Mossos car comes and stops in front of the camara. Chasing cars pass you by. 

I want a fucking lawyer. Mr. Threehorn treats objects like women. We have a nice and quiet town. I like your jerkoff face. I am sorry I wasn’t listening. The crazy cop hits you in the head and transform into the monster. I had a rough night and I hate the fucking Eagles. Man. You are taken down in a highway. You must walk back home. You get home and a woman is waiting for you. I was one of the authors of one of the original statement. There were six other guys. A little of this, a little of that. This have slowed down. I’m playing the game. Why do you think you have it? very complicated case. Lot’s of things. The Foundation’s money. He’s broke. He has no money of his own. What’s that yoga? It increases the chances of conception. 

She is just a friend helping to conceive. 

Bunny Lebowsky. Family farm in Minesota. The sort of stories that come to California. Like we didn’t get our stories here from East of Europe. The

Ringer for a ringer.

My point is it’s a Shabash. You are fucking jewish. When you get divorced you stopo being jewish. You are living in the fucking past. A loving tradition. Being there, at the beginning of time.

Here’s a looser. This guy can fucking walk. Common, man. Help me put him back on this chair. Back to bowling. The Dude is doing his nails. That’s fucking combat. Shut the fuck up , Donny.

Donny’s dead. And your here. In my face.

The end of the Big Lebousky session.

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