This here is my futbolart. Diego in Barcelona. As if I could be that person. To come here. And make it here. Doing what he did. Like a star from the hood. Like a kid who liked to play tenis and one or two wild nights in town. I a week. He showed up and the game was looking good. Until the injury. And the wild kick from vasc defender.

But this video here is something else. It’s Diego in Barcelona. The youtube video with a lame music tension. Which makes it artistic. Complete. This is what must be achieved at the Camp. Something that moves with that attitude. In those terms. Like if those shoes could be filled up by a new tribute to greates player that ever lived: Maradona. And that’s the story of how Golman comes in. A video that gives the chance to select the scenes, nine of them, to recreate to convince the new transformed club that I am the GOLman they need. Not just because we believe in him. What this sort of marketing does for the team. To break up the marketing market off the roof. A finction that can hold this opera rock, as if Kubala could come back to speak to us why we had to listen to a Hungarian. Español. Como yo. GOLman. No ocupa ficha de extranjero. Es una perla rara local. De la cantera. Sin edadismos.

Queriéndo ser como él…

¿Debe GOLman ser el nueve de un pueblo nuevo con un club nuevo de futbolarte que es más que más que un club?

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