So I’ll be like Nick Cave… or James Franco

Maybe I can be someone else.

Maybe I could be like someone else.

Maybe I could perform like them.

Maybe I’ve got something else to give.

Maybe I’ve got some toons in me.

Maybe I’ve got some words to express humanity slightly diferent.

Maybe I’m a bit lost too.

Maybe I’ve been trying to find myself.

Maybe I’m just whatever you fance.

Maybe I’ve got a disfunctional life after all.

Maybe I’ve forced the machine too damn much.

Maybe the machine needed to be handled with rage.

Maybe I’ve been in the right place all the time.

Maybe I’ve gone over some limis some people didn’t know existed.

Maybe I’ve been just traspassing the same old walls.

Maybe I’ve just lost all sense of time and space.

Maybe I’ve just belong to a song a wrote in my dream.

Maybe I’ve been too fucking long hiding in my art.

Maybe I’ve been writing what I have to do.

Maybe I’ve just been planning how to undo the curse.

Maybe I’ve just stopped to see the dead end and back the fuck off.

Maybe I know I’m going to die.

Maybe I know you just won’t try.

Maybe I know you come near.

Maybe I know you stay in fear.

Maybe I feel in another dimension.

Maybe I’ve been upload with a diferent plan.

Maybe I’ve just realized how life is just what is.

Maybe I’ve just been told to write another book.

Maybe I’ve been thrown to set the game on fire.

Maybe I can take a crew and play the big rollers.

Maybe I was prepared to battle the odds in a game that wasn’t mine.

Maybe I can dream what anyone else can dream.

Maybe I can flow on everybody’s mind.

Maybe I’ll just fly to my final count.

Maybe I’ve finallly gone mad.

Maybe I’ve popped up and gone beyond.

Maybe I’ve just tried to find myself.

Maybe I just see more colors, love and understanding.

Maybe I’ve been as high as anyone can flay.

Maybe I’ve noticed the world is perfect.

Maybe it’s just lucky we get to live another day.

Maybe it’s just I lost control and went through the field.

Maybe spring break forever.

Maybe forever doesn’t exist as anyone can just blow away from the edge stood once.

Maybe then beyond you wonder off to play in a parallel world.

Maybe then the violent act of living the violence market upgrades a single scale.

Maybe music then could play a mood in which everything lightens up a bit after the truth was spat on our faces by the chosen god gone mad.

Maybe religion turns around and bits us in our private parts.

Maybe this essay will be copied by a slick motherfucker prankster who could just copy it from the internet and present it like his own. I know kids who have tried this and succeded. I’ve some who tried it and fail. Taketoshi, for example. He made Mrs. Álvarez fall in love with subtle soul who could write the most beautiful poems ever writen in the Spanish language. She read one by one with awe as how much life this assian kid could have evolved on his own in a little mountain village where witches were not only respected, but local: Escazú.

Taketoshi thought the brightest idea that ever occur to any individual head in our high school on the hill of a mountain with a cross on top, and house exactly like Tara. I swear. A holy fucking cross to remind us of Jesus. And a fucking copy, stone by stone, of the house from Gone with the Wind. I find somethings in Costa Rica are posible. Because we are it. We are the answer. Now pay attention.

Some people don’t like to be told what to think about anything. Anything. They want to have their own opinion. They want to think a certain way. They want to be free at all costs. The want a world that spins their way. They want to believe life is the way they’ve come to imagine, day in, day out. They want to be like they are. They want a fresh life. They want something they can afford to enjoy. They want to feel like that day that rocked. They want to feel as good as you can ever suck out all the marrow of life.

I could assist to the meeting at any big roller office. I can take any sort of topic on a table. I want the parts to have a say at what their business is all about. Big opportunity in retailing. When the stakes are high, I’ll let you in. I can make you a fucking 9 roller. Sling you up. Come on. Sign in. Join.

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