To ask Nick Cave a question

I ran across Nick Cave’s webpage. He’s trully a legend. I must confess I still haven’t taken part in the religion that represents becoming one of his fans. I am not even a fan. Not because I don’t like him. I do. I think I will adore him. I just haven’t set my mindset to that complete experience. Artists like this change your perspective. So I’ve just been wasting my time. Procastinating until the day I take this a little bit more seriously, when I give Nick Cave a chance.

Another day: when I finally attend one of his concerts.

Then I’ll be hooked.

But I’ve read him. I’ve followed up on his carreer. I’ve seen what some fans write about him. About the experience. About the true show he puts on. The credibility and vulnerability of his songs. How you are moved by them. And I surely want to feel that. And surely, I want to be Nick Cave. I want to be able to create those feelings of congregational joy. That bliss. Those out of mind bodies, dancing to my beat.

So I went to Nick’s webpage and read his latest post. Brilliant! It was an answer to a question. All great artists have this window open: ask me a question. In fact, I’ll open one of those. I think I’d like to connect with people that way. Through answers. Sort of like writing back to a long email experience.

This is what I asked:

Hi Nick,

Somehow I have the impression that the ultimate revolution is the one that finally takes us to a estate of nature in which this new current state of affairs finally evolves into something that has been healed. A place in which we have reached a new form of altogetherness. This feeling I believe is what you get from a concert in which, a soul searching artist transforms us into the beat of the song, in the same place, through the lyrics and the tunes that somehow takes us all to the same experience. And everyone is in on it. There is no hidden purpuse. Everything is out in the open. Maybe that’s just as good as it gets. From the artists perspective, the response of such audience is pure magic: someone is being moved. We are joined together by a sacred magic. We have reached the higher limits of our existence. Right in that beat, right now, as we sing along, one.

So you could say that expectators who listen carefully to those artists who are capable of moving the human experience forward, openning new doors, are in the right track. Both the artist and the audience get to enjoy life with a simple act. Seems like a reasonable way to expand hapinnes.

But in terms of our social pact, we live inside the rules of our current states, and in fact, we are coming togeher as humans in the wake, into a culture that has now become global. Artist tour to meet those local audiences. And the conection lives on. Maybe we only get to touch a little part of society. And that’s fine.

Is there a continous state of will, or existencial bliss, that we can connect to, all of us, and feed from? Wouldn’t that be just like searching through our favorite music and putting on a tune? Or a dj picking the right song for the audience in a dance floor? Aren’t all those experiences THE thing? And, is everyone allowed inside this party? Shouldn’t we approach to a point in which this new resolved state of nature collectively turns on inside each of our minds? Or altogether, in this one brand new collective mindset?

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