Necesito mi libro

Mi libro está listo desde hace tiempo. Pero no tengo editor. Ni tengo lectores. Soy un libro que no existe en el mercado. Es decir, un libro fuera del mercado. Un mensaje pendiente de salir. Un mensaje oral. Y si fuera algo así como un wannabejisus?


I’ve had better hashtags in my life. Only I’ve never exposed them. Because I was waiting for the right time. And things needed to be in place. And the time wasn’t just rist. At least I didn’t have anything ready. Not the way I was willing to allow it to come into life. My own little Frankenstein.

I write monsters. And novels. And short stories. Sometimes just titles. Complete. Like the monster still there. Better. Heavenly.

I am heveanly.

Francisco can have a say about my whereabouts.

Ligia too.

Fini too.

Adrian too.

Ito too.

Mi tata too.

Edu too.

Harriet too.

Lau too.

So I’m to be judged. They will make the plea. The judges. The lawyers. The witnesses. The defence team. The judicial system. Everything is new. Brand new. In fact, it’s just come out of the mind of the beholder.

We got a chance to be.

We were given hope.

Like that other time.


No doubts.

Just one wholy true: alas, ALLS.

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