Can we trully be free?

I’ve wonder about this for ages. At least for 20 years. And now it seems like we’ve given up. It’s not for us. Tell us where to sign: we are all going to be free slaves. Who’s the recomended master? But please, let HIM be adequate.

We humans tend to mold into slavery. Or into a charade. We have believed every other tale in history. And there’s always been an underlying truth. The unspoken one. And the books. Those things. Authors writting literature. In the quest of ficional worlds that surpass the utility of an ongoing revolution. We know that’s not gonna work. But free market. Oh, there you have it. Economist have come a long way, and now they kneel down to praise a new God: capitalism.

Anything else will get the judgement: not cut for this society. You ain’t got what it takes. Your vision driven startup is bound to fail. And I will not invest, unless you prove me wrong. That’s the path they’ve set up for entrepeneurs. Not just any: the ones trying to shape a diferent future. The ones solving the big questions. That’s what I’ve struggle with ever since I decided to make of the alternative world the place to go. And not this stinking status quo I’ve been led to slaved to.

As a proud slave I follow Espartacus moto: thrive for the highest quest. Even if it sounds impossible. The armies of the empires are always just bluffing with most of the betting chips on the table. Uneven markets set the tone for what’s call a fair game, where there’s really no game, but one: consumism.

Let’s stop for a second and think about what we need. Let’s make a global leap. It’s now the time. For sure. Does status quo still seem normal to you?

No wonder: you, as I, and as Étienne de La Boétie once said: one good master is enough.

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