I can be anything I can copy

For some time copying was a bad thing. We were taught not to copy. If we don’t get quick enough with the counternarrative, the value of not copying is going to be transfered to our kids. School system. E-volution.

I am a radical transformer. I want things to keep changing in a faster rate. I want to impose my model so that it can be quickly rebbuted by the next up to the top. We have finally arrived. We have a chance to speak out. And achieve anything we can write or tell to camara. All you need is to read and to observe. Easy rules for a newcomer society to the entire set of integers in Benn diagram all together in just one set. We are all in on it. The biggest charade. The greates joke. The sublime interpretation of what we believed was best, except to the morons who were running the last gig.

The last gig.

A better name for the movie. I keep saying to my self I am going to come to New Los Ángeles and I’m going to run for city major as I have a brand new story to tell the free people of this land.

The debate spread to every major city. It’s quicker superheroes, the readers, who kept the wheel spinning. We needed to be cautious about how we were going to suddenly become cultured free individuals in your urban capital, a new undestanding on how we have all connected with just one political fact: no matter how corrupt my society has been, at all levels of distribution in the past 99 years. We are going to go back. Not too far away. Let us not miss the point of what we are responsible for right now, at this time of our history as an unidentified blue object flying across space in a mothership they call home, Earth, with the loving way in which mon is her, here, ALLS.

We reach ALLS early with mothers, in general, when really, in fact, there’s just one.

That thought hits you in the groin.

And again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

And you come.

Dad, I love you.

One, too.

That’s the greatest gift, son. Individuality.

Father and son relationships.

Father and daughter relationship.

Notice that’s just one. Not every mother fucking father with every mother fucking other daughter. This is personal. She is my daughter. I’m sure you’ll understand. We feel the need to quarrel for pety things that come to mind, without any real thought, just and image, maybe a word, writen in the most obscure typeface you could recognize by name, oh that new one, I always forget its name: Ticataluña.

I want to start low. As if one has just one task to do. To write.

And you do. You get good at it. You have worked on it for ages. And time passed. And nobody knew about my new adquire learning: golf. And suddenly I’m killing in a private multiversal TV channel tour. It. I missed and it back there. Suddenly I’ve made myself a killer in that other new society very neatly designed already, if you read the books, or even if you only read a few of the cliff notes he copied to get motherfucking scumbags to read. And that cures us from dickheads.

I can turn anything into a scientific test.

I can say how we are going to mesure the variable that solves to look like the problem we are traying to solve in real life. Society of dickheads on charge and dicklovingsuckingbitches who stayed there for the status they were adquiring with the dickhead, as in most cases, the worst of them, came from the 9 wealthy families.

The higher class local club.

An insiders game.

We all need that. Just for our crew. We are going to trasppas the line into the money system. We are going to rule the alterative of a bigger dimension case. We need to upload from Microsoft to Apple in a more complete moral New Bible. Something like Moses reuniting with Jesús to break the rules and come back in a blist of wholly new happiness from the times you go Dyonysos on your night and you end up up there: ALLS.

I know I’ve repeted myself many times. Try this first 99.

I could have said nine. Only I wanted to be bold. Up front. In the 99th title. I am the kind of person who can’t make up his mind. For anything. It’s a desease, from now own. A sindrome. Turns out my brain was slightly wired differently according to the studies made by my own script.

The Image lab I help to be built. I can speak as if I am an arquitect to be. As if I was preparing a role. A brand new one. Tonight. To be an architect. Bum. Allofasudden. I know now. I am Ai Wei Wei of the tropics. All you need is an artist to copy within your lifetime and help built something in China, where things are moving fast. How are we not going to take this friendly trip back to the cultured that was brought to us by the chinesse imigration to what was till not so long ago Costa Rica, as it decided, as democracies do, to sacrify itself for the sake of a greater goal. As we were so «panderetas» we were not taught to rebel. And when a rebelion took place, you could tell if it’s for real of if they are trying to call bullshit on us… again.

Until one day we knew we had to do something about it. And I have the responsibility to back up my family. And we have a name in the role of being part of the public solution that we can deliver as unique humble and working society, from our pura vida way of life to a real pilosophy that works into a new dimesion of global state. A thesis like theorem.

I always wanted to solve a mathmatical theorem. Or be one that solves and unsolved riddle. This is what math is at the end. All the riddles out there. The now concept of university learning taugh in our dual, to be upgrader into multivers-like 9 dimension systems.

Nine dimensions systems multiversal coorporation. NDSMC.

New lobby in town.

I can come in as brand. Why not take a stake at the market. Just a bite from a mexican newvillan pacheco.

And that was the clue that gave it away. Pacheco. Why pacheco, mama asked. And a chubby mexican boy, yes brown, not so brown so brown, a real mestizo, as many intercourses were flowing from one of every end out there. New Spain is a social referent we should not loose. Not undermine or plainly ignore, as we have, as we know: they are inferior.

Problem there. You feel on top of things. From your tower you look down on us. And you are not humbble. You feel your power and you like to show it. So you fight it. And not many there fighting back. They just stay shy. You are infront of freal villans and you don’t stand up. Aviod conflict. As aliens have killed before. And you are out there thinking: I am going to die today?

The pulse gets back to the literature that I impose to the tone where I come and go from scratch. Like a bird. I am this caged bird singing, but only to the spirits in the cage. I wished to be locked, so I became the man in Así habló Zaratustra that went up to mountain, sacred, to be there and write. In nine days, he got back with the book. And book read like a poem where the story told leads us to the multiversed world that we inhabit with the intentions to seize the day from a global share of free individuals that enrole to the Ticataluña Universty Technology Innovation Institute (TUTII)


Obedience. Old value.

Nobody wants to be a churchboy. Well. I had no choice. So I did it with a flow. And then quit. Soon. On time. To go is mandatory. As we have all been on that obedient state. Blind obedience. At first, when we are young, we must learn to obbey.

But at TUTTI you learn to do things the right way, and the rebelious way. And on that point, we are the first university to postulate this line of teachings. University is an institution that  can be created from scratch and projected into the future as the family project in which you develope all 9 lines of social knowledge and practice. Research, Helthcare, Insurance, Real Estate, Arts, Filmmaking, Education, Finance, Politics. And of course, futbolart as the structural backbone.

Forget excellence. We are all going to make it: ALLS.

But still, some especialization is needed. So we are going to leave other classical knowledge in function. Society as dual motion. The one working now in capitalism and democracy. And that’s just fine. Let’s now fight it. Let’s just overflow possibility. Flow into the commons. Everyday. With joy. Like the four by three week. Or the nine by rest of the month. This is what I can create in the beginning of each month.

Get on the bus and sing.

Get on the metro and sing.

So one day you get the attention. Obedience with authority. Your book. A live show. Tv. You are on it. Who’s whatching? How is that going to impacto the rest of your life? What if you keep poping up? Is that going to improve my life? Can I take advantage of TV to deliver a social clause. The elastic clause of the new constitution. This book of law.

65% obedient

35% not obedient.

This is true in Russia but not in New América.

I see. You see. I bond with the side who rebels.

Translated to 9 languages.

Mental maps project. I am working with the brain. And people communicating on that brain level. How we all interconnect.

My great broadway musical. 

Not that, just an Opera multiversal enough to be played at the Liceo with Montserrat Caballé in the role of the holy mountain speaking to us. From the her voice we fall towards the dark alleys of the New Gotic: Ciutat Nova.

Life can be thought of backwards, but has to be lived forward.


The new end.

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