Work package X

I nearly died just now. I had one of those coming back from the death moments. Near death experience. On my sleep. Digestive system working extra hours to digest that stupid pizza, already mixed with the wine, cabró. Cabrón. It was a call to exit. Golmanxit. Work pakcage currently unavailable. The line has been cut. A green color that identified that the activities were in the happy face state are now in a red X, that comes with: game over.

I will die one of these days. Yet today I cheated Death. Not my ticket. Not my time.

Outside it rains. I can hear the drops falling and hitting the roof of the building. Somewhere up there. Life has taken a toll for me. This is another situation I was warned to aknowledge.

I’m just working class nobody who’s life has made a turn for the good. I’ve got a decent job that could earn me a living doing what I do best. I can feel I’ve come to the place I was called to be useful to society once again. Only to fall short of that cliffhanging moment.

Life’s a bitch, ain’t it. So why waste it.

I’ve been here and there. And yet, today was a good day. It was my wife’s saint day. La Nostra Senyora de Meritxell. My Andorra matrone. My catalan root. My partner in crime.

I woke here up when I came out from the death call. I literally had to snap out of the hands of the Calaca. I was out, then I fought myself to consciousness back again. That’s it. That was my last dance. I better run, or rather jump, or I’ll stay death for ever.

Death has handed me a token. It is this I’m suppossed to unveil.

We are at the top of the priviledge pyramid. I’ve come to terms with that. I ate too fucking much pizza today. Too late. Two too many slices. I called for it. Or maybe I have al ulcer. And I’ll die anyway. I mean, I’ll day anyway. I know. But not today. Not now. Like back then. Just now.

I’ve cheated death in a duel. I’m a slippery fish off the hook. Nobody said it was going to be easy.

Golman died today, may he rest in peace.

I can’t rest because this throw back diggestive reflux is hunting me down. Death’s out there wondering. And my wife has awaken me two times already. She’s afraid one of those snores will kill me now.

—Qué susto—she said, as she was surprissed out of the dream as well.

I pulled her out from Morfeo’s arms. I was there and then, and Death painted my waters to clogg on me like haunted nightmare back to life. Still, chill, I’m ill, not still.

Comedians in cars getting coffee. I took a couple of those before I went to sleep. I don’t know if that was what caused this whole mess. It was me looking up at comedians that started their carreer together in a comedy club back in 1976, the year I was born. Eddie Murphy and Jerry Seinfeld. Seinfeld was influence by that guy from Philadelphia, Bill Cosby, with a show about zero-something. He listened to it over and over. This guy makes people laugh. I tell jokes that gets my friends laughing. I could do that. His thought process was getting him where he wanted to be. Up there in the stage. Telling his bits. And getting the reaction from he crowd: a laugh.

You come out and you never know how it’s gonna go. You have to have something going. Something prepared. Eddie hasn’t done it again because he’s got no material. He needs to go back to gym, or something. Work out. I’ve just gone back to gym. One day in one week. I’m happy. Back to the gym, and back to work.

Life seems to work in so mysterious ways that it almost seems like God is taking note of these other ways to improve His game. Obviously He knew all this shit I’m talking about. My comming back bit. My going out bit. Mother fucker send Death to tease me. Don’t act like He doesn’t own it. They work together. It’s the way things work. And so is this, if this is anything.

Life’s happening right now. This is the top moment of my life. And it will only get better.

Eddie Murphy said that. He’s been doing nothing lately. And that’s cool.

Jerry’s been hanging out with comedians getting coffee after taking bumpy rides. The carrera porche he and Eddie rode was meant to be a Lemahns racing car, but it was then just released as a car for the streets. Or the garage. The ultimate token of the showing off how you’ve somehow made it.

The car industry is going down. Telsa cars is comming up. The biggest player in the industry is leaving the past behind. Some of those things we knew will no longer be available, once we spin out the curb. Life’s about to change, and I’ve just realised that it’s been expecting me to come to terms with this new state of affairs.

Don’t waste your time.

Or waste it, if that’s what thrills you. But beware of time. As if there is something you ought to be doing, then get to it. Today: tomorrow: now.

I’ve done my time in the underworld. I’ve come back from it stronger. It’s not this system we need. Let’s not flush the entire world, nor should we allow the Nolan’s break it up into a bigger nightmare they’ll try to brush into palette of this emergent society coming out of this Pandemia.

It’s a social awakening on the go. We are all in diferent ships navigating the high tides of this tsunami. I rather surf my foam out into the sand. I’ve taken a wipeout once again. Spun out alright, I guess. I’m back.

I’ve got the handle of my vessel. This ain’t nothing but a dream. I’ve scaped the light and the darkness of surrender. I’ve travel far beneath the reals of where the roots mingle in romance.

It’s time for me to go back to bed. And let me keep this up. I know I’m comming back. I’m alredy here. Best place I’d could ever wish I’d be.

I only wish I could go back to the field. I could make this Last Dance work. Every team needs a Rodman. Only this time, it’s Golman.

Let this new dream begin.

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