Yo hago

Yo soy

I do. You do. We do.

Let’s do something different.

Let’s do something personal.

Let’s go elsewhere.

Let’s build an alternative call.

Let’s keep our eyes open.

Let’s dream another dream.

Let’s think a diferent story.

Let’s embark in a new dimention.

Let’s inhabit the land.

Let’s keep it clear.

Let’s stay behind. –

Let’s change the plans.

Let’s do this thing.

Let’s think again.

Let’s try it out.

Let’s come accross.

Let’s fly out there.

Let’s land this deal.

Let’s move the grinds.

Let’s smoke this up.

Let’s light the night.

Let’s stay up late.

Let’s connect the dots.

Let’s travel light.

Let’s seize the day.

Let’s stay in toon.

Let’s keep the key.

Let’s open doors.

Let’s feel the heal.

Let’s heal the hate.

Let’s drop the violence.

Forgive us all.

Let’s play it clear.

Let’s cler it out.

Let’s speak out loud.

Let’s sing this song.

Let’s shout this shant.

Let’s feel the joy.

Let’s live it now.

I’m here with you.

I see skies in your eyes.

I dream shine from aweking.

I’ve spelled nouns with new meanings.

I’ve wonder elsewhere inspections.

I’ve stayed in times to wonder.

Ignited senses multiversingly.

Skipping sight from heights beyond.

Nails of hopes that crumble humbly

To keep the presence of denial

To spin forsight into the sense

The common aspect for a hope

The antipodes of status quo

The lecture for a night out

The chorus of a song

The spirit that’s inhabiting me

In this sequence of chords

The words of empty poets

The bucket of joy beyond

I’ve wispered butterflies surrealy

I’ve hostes parodies of goddesses

I’ve nail the cross of heteropatriarchy

I’ve given everyone a choice.

To leap about to a future journey

To lick the sky in sign of sanity

To dress the cowboy outfit prophet

To land in horse and cross a tale

To wispher wishes of belonging

To elsewhere else from where we are

The spirit of always belonging

To a higher standard for ourselves

The whispering wishes of the children

The singing choires of tomorrow

The churches, opera house, mosques, sinagogues.

fulfilled with harmony and joy

delivered by a mensager of the Almighty

with winged talents to evoque love

prosperity feelings of belonging

the truth itself with no device

The spirit of our holy presence

The way in which we all can heal

By hooking to this newest thought

That prosperity lies within a lie.

The one I am about to tell you.

The distance look within your eye.

The lonesome tragedy discretely.

The symphony clashing cacatuas.

The tucans doing tucan shit.

The sloth swing with the power.

Of tasting gleeful pura vida.

To sneak a peak at what it’s worth living.

To find out now why we are here.

To have a sense of how this evolves.

To read it here and feel it too.

To grow intensely into a place.

You’ve never been before in awe.

The need for something to surrender.

The option of dropping it all to start over.

The certainty of deploying the healing.

Consider the thought of nuclear catastrophy.

Who and why and how and then.

Why not wondering to step back once and for all.

To send the direction of the agression elsewhere.

Spinning out of our own intention.

The tracking of the past of our cult to violence.

The way it shapes the higher risk.

The dissapearance of all existance.

The dying because the way we could.

The imagining things that could forever erase us.

More times that actually needed.

Yet we can’t breath towards the cause of action.

Required to take a different stand.

To stay tooned in another beat.

To wisper elsewhere to a NEW crusade.

A sense of political alternative.

A naif sense of tricking the rulemakers.

A ancient quest for an insolent giggle.

A Shakespearean gesture to our current caveat.

A native owners of the land story.

Telling a different framework to work with.

A place to see things differently.

A way to stay here in between.

From this two alternative shitholes.

The actual layout of the entire states of nature.

The perpetual fall into the same guillotine.

The ancient capital of a revolution.

The place of bloom and burried.

The nature where Jim bloomed.

The American in Paris provoquing.

Dali anteater walking.

Picture with the intention of the presence.

The entire fictional requirements.

The subtle traits of a new scene.

The distance to the nearest healer.

The AI working to assist me.

The fluid of joy towards my anguish.

The solid features of my wellbeing.

The current state of my desire.

The chance to do it once again.

The door that opens to a NEW destination.

The alignment call from underneath.

It’s here it’s comming.

Tonight the spirit flows.

Set the time back.

Leap away.

Time is.


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